Getting Back in the Groove….

Theory states that it takes 21 days to create a good habit.  So if you are just starting a workout or running routine, know that it won’t be easy but it does become more manageable if you stick with it. 

good-habits addictive

Those of us who have been on the fitness train for a while know that the smallest things can cause a bump in our routine and attempt to derail our fitness.    Therefore, we have to be extra vigilant when our routine hits a snag.  Vacations are one of those things which are bittersweet for me.  I love to go, get away and have fun but I miss my fitness routine and my bed and my fresh food and my dogs.  Since my return on Saturday afternoon, I have been hitting it really somewhat hard to attempt to get back into my routine mentally.

Saturday afternoon – 40 miles on the bike (trainer), 50 pushups, rehab exercises & barefoot strides.

Sunday – Felt ridiculously guilty but between unpacking for 4, laundry, grocery store, party food prep, outdoor work, playing with the kids & the FNRC Splash N Dash, I didn’t workout.  I wasn’t happy about it but some days are just not long enough.

Monday – 30 minute swim in the cool waters of a local indoor pool.  I had the entire pool to myself and it was the best swim I’ve had in a while, mostly due to those cool water temps.  Plus I tried a new pair of goggles that worked out really well, the TYR Velocity Metallized goggles.  They were cheap ($15.95), and I had an email special/promo code, thru TriSports.  I was super pleased.  They fit well and I liked being able to use the slide at the side to tighten them up for a quick adjustment in the water!goggles_trisports One I got home from the swim, I did 100 push ups, rehab exercises & barefoot strides in the yard.

Tuesday – 16 miles on bike (trainer), 50 push ups & rehab exercises

The bottom line is that life will occasionally get in the way of your workouts.  Vacations come/go, kids get sick, parents need help, the J.O.B. gets crazy.  This is normal, take a deep breath and accept it.  Just don’t let the “little things” become an excuse to derail YOUR fitness.

** Keep YOUR Fitness Train Rolling! ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **