Reality Bites….

I hate to use the term “Reality Bites” but as runners & athletes we want our body to move at 110% all the time.  We work hard and give as much as we can manage in the limited amount of time we are able to carve out of work, family, life, and the dreaded commute.

At the point in time when we realize that our body doesn’t have a 110% to give, we must then deal with reality.  Not ignore the situation but deal with it so it does not get worse.  Hear me?  If you are hurting, listen to your body and do something about  it.

I’m 2 days away from the race that I ran the very fastest last year, the Devil Dash 5K in Peotone.  On May 14, 2011, I ran this race in 22:17, which is smokin’ fast for me!  I’d like to run well this year.  I have no idea if I can run a 22:17, I’d hazard as guess as to NO, probably not.  I’m not particularly fast this year, not particularly slow either but just hanging in the mediocre range.  However, my left hip is screaming at me. 

Did I mention that I tripped over a raised crack in the sidewalk three days before my last half marathon?   Stock photo, not “my” crack.  That sounds really bad, doesn’t it?

Yeah, I “probably” forgot to mention it.  Well, I jammed up my left hip because I’m clumsy and I tripped. I have been stretching, icing & taking motrin but this hip never properly recovered from Mr. Michael’s birth so it leans toward the damaged side on a good day.  I had bad big issues with it last spring, which I attributed to “overuse”.  That’s what everyone else wants to blame but I seriously don’t think that is the real cause.  Hello, Mr. Michael.  Anyhow, I firmly believe that this hip issue is also the root of my Plantar Fasciitis, which still lingers in a muted state most of the time even with the expensive orthotics, the treatments & the 2 cortisone shots I’ve had over the last 6 months.

So reality hit last night when my “tight” hip started burning during our run.  Yep, had to cut my favorite run of the week short.  I left after 8 miles to go home and cry soak in an ice bath.  I’m calling Alexis L for an emergency miracle session as soon as I’m done bitching with this post.  I’m not happy but I know it could be far worse, like Lisa E pedaling her axx off on the stationary bike with her broken foot cuz she can’t run.  Or a high school alum of mine who won’t be participating in the Olympic Trials (or London) cuz of nagging injuries.  As always, reality bites.

How long do you wait before contacting a doc regarding a nagging “tightness” or pain?  I always think it will work itself out but I’m still waiting and its been 14 days.  The “tightness” keeps getting worse not better.  Not the direction I’d like to move.  Any chance I can run super fast on SAT after a miracle magic chiro session?

I’m off to call the chiro!  Let’s hope I can get in….

Happy PAIN FREE Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **