No Regrets…

I live with a “No Regrets” mentality.  I don’t waste time looking back at what has been and lament about things I did wrong or even wish that things were different.  I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that God plays a huge roll in every aspect of our lives even if we don’t understand why or recognize the work He has done.  No regrets, things are as they should be and it is our job to accept.  No regrets.

So each year, I jam as much as possible into my life because I know that at some point this will all come to an end and all that will be left are the stories.  In fact, I frequently see  a shirt that One More Mile makes that sums it up perfectly.

there will come a day_shirt

In fact, if you know me in real life, you have probably heard me say on occasion, “oh, that’s gonna hurt…. but it will make a good story”. 

Last week should have been my biggest training week for the Chicago Ragnar Relays but life “kinda” got in the way.  Even my running watch noticed.

NikeWatch_Are We Running Later

I may have mentioned it before but if you are going to be a slacker, don’t buy the Nike+ GPS Sportwatch, it totally calls you out.  I’ve only had one other time when I saw a message on my watch and that was when I took some time off at Christmas to try to get the Plantar Fasciitis in check.

Between life, and an attempt to heal my left hip from tripping on a crack in the sidewalk and jamming it up and also NEEDING to heal the aching Plantar Fasciitis, last week was a bit light on workouts.  You’d think I’d feel better and refreshed but I don’t.  I do think we are making progress with the hip but the PF is out of control.  The current method of treatment for the PF is a process of scraping the fascia to break up any scar tissue/residue and hopefully eventually curing the PF to the point where I won’t need the orthotics.   It hurts like hell.  It’s not going well and has inflamed the PF back to it’s original state of pain.  It hurts to walk and run.  It hurts to stand.  It hurts.

I did manage 2 runs this weekend.  A beautiful 10.5 miler on Saturday morning.  The trail is alive and beautiful and makes me happy to be out there moving. 


It took 5 miles before the hip loosened up and I could actually run faster than a 9:30.  The second half of the run was much better and I was back down into the 8:45 range, not great but I was comfortable for most of it until probably the last mile when the hip really started burning and the PF was getting extremely cranky.


But I was happy to be out!  Then Sunday, I went 7 miles and that wasn’t pretty.  The hip didn’t bother me at all but the PF was very angry from the Saturday run so it was a run/walk fest.  Yesterday I rested.  The PF is even worse today.  Hmmm….how to handle the next month?

So, although I have “no regrets”, I certainly am not excited that the official kickoff to Chicago Marathon training started yesterday.  I can manage the pain with TRI training because the intensity of the run is low; however, I know from experience that the pain just increases and spreads with the high mileage that marathon training requires.  And then I have that little thing called the Ragnar Relay which is in 10 days. and oh yeah, I’m on an ultra team.  Hmmmmm……..

No regrets but things could be looking a little better at this point.  🙂

No complaints but anyone have a cortisone shot in their pocket?  I know that doesn’t fix anything but it sure does make things a lot more bearable.  You wouldn’t tell Alexis L that I got a cortisone shot while she was trying to cure my PF, would you?  Shuuuuussh, cuz I’m seriously thinking about it.

How was  your weekend?  Did you print your training program for the Chicago Marathon?   If not, you need to think about doing that.  If you are in half marathon shape, and are not freaking out about the fact that you have to run a marathon in 18 weeks, you will need to start training the first week of July.  If you are not in half marathon shape, then you need to start training…….. yesterday.

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** **

Toenails are for Sissies

I’m sure most of you have heard the phrase “Toenails are for Sissies“.  If you have been to a large expo, you have possibly even come across the One More Mile Running Company booth which sells shirts/hats/stickers which make us giggle, nod in agreement and ultimately purchase the merchandise because it is better to laugh at the situation than cry.

Unfortunately I can relate.  I have always had toenail “problems”, even before I was stupid crazy enough to try the marathon distance.  I can lose a toenail after a 10 miler for a million numerous reasons unless I have some of these…….

Those little buddies are gel toe protectors.   I buy mine at Walgreens because there is one on every corner in the city it’s convenient.  They are currently on sale, buy 1, get one 50% off.  Smoking deal if you go thru them like me.  They are normally $6.99 each and worth EVERY penny!

I encourage you to try some before your feet get all jacked up gnarled like mine.

Or you will pay some lady A LOT of $$ each year to paint your skin make them look somewhat respectable.

I currently only have 2 nails on this poor foot.  The Chicago Marathon really took its toll this year.  Normally, I only have issues with the big and second toe but since I am now running funny due to the Plantar Fasciitis, this year didn’t go as well.  So for the next 6 months I’ll be wearing protectors on all but my baby toe.  Yikes. 

Sorry, this is such a disgusting graphic post.  Sorry to my hubby for the first and last view of how gross my feet really look.  Allow this to be a warning, or point of encouragement, for all of you who may have this problem or plan to run a marathon in the near future.   And for goodness sake, if you have this problem do everyone yourself a favor and go get a pedicure!

For those of you bitches who don’t have this problem like my bitch ass sister, the rest of us real toenail-less runners hate congratulate you. 

Good luck & Happy Running,                                                                                             Amanda – TooTallFritz