Toenails are for Sissies

I’m sure most of you have heard the phrase “Toenails are for Sissies“.  If you have been to a large expo, you have possibly even come across the One More Mile Running Company booth which sells shirts/hats/stickers which make us giggle, nod in agreement and ultimately purchase the merchandise because it is better to laugh at the situation than cry.

Unfortunately I can relate.  I have always had toenail “problems”, even before I was stupid crazy enough to try the marathon distance.  I can lose a toenail after a 10 miler for a million numerous reasons unless I have some of these…….

Those little buddies are gel toe protectors.   I buy mine at Walgreens because there is one on every corner in the city it’s convenient.  They are currently on sale, buy 1, get one 50% off.  Smoking deal if you go thru them like me.  They are normally $6.99 each and worth EVERY penny!

I encourage you to try some before your feet get all jacked up gnarled like mine.

Or you will pay some lady A LOT of $$ each year to paint your skin make them look somewhat respectable.

I currently only have 2 nails on this poor foot.  The Chicago Marathon really took its toll this year.  Normally, I only have issues with the big and second toe but since I am now running funny due to the Plantar Fasciitis, this year didn’t go as well.  So for the next 6 months I’ll be wearing protectors on all but my baby toe.  Yikes. 

Sorry, this is such a disgusting graphic post.  Sorry to my hubby for the first and last view of how gross my feet really look.  Allow this to be a warning, or point of encouragement, for all of you who may have this problem or plan to run a marathon in the near future.   And for goodness sake, if you have this problem do everyone yourself a favor and go get a pedicure!

For those of you bitches who don’t have this problem like my bitch ass sister, the rest of us real toenail-less runners hate congratulate you. 

Good luck & Happy Running,                                                                                             Amanda – TooTallFritz