Favorite Training Items Winner!

Without any further ado, the winner of the Favorite Training Items Giveaway is #130:


Congratulations, Lauren!   Please email me at amanda@tootallfritz.com and send your mailing address.  Your goodies are packed up and ready; as soon as I know where to send them they will be on the way!

Lauren’s favorite item in the giveaway was the AdvoCare Shaker bottle!  What was your favorite?  I have a list below of where you can find the giveaway items if you want to track them down.

The gel toe protectors are available at Walgreens & CVS in the foot care aisle.  You just need to trim them down to fit your toe!

The Mission Athletecare items are available online or at CVS stores (in Illinois, not sure about other states).

The Personal Saver is available along with the Wrist Saver & Cycle Saver online.   Use the TTF code and get $1.50 off!

AdvoCare products are available online in my AdvoCare Store or thru any other AdvoCare distributor.  I know several other distributors so if you don’t want to go thru me or my store, let me know and I can give you a list of other distributors.  If you have any AdvoCare questions, please contact me, I’m happy to help!

AdvoCare Business Card

Thanks for participating in the giveaway!  Stay tuned, there will be another one coming up shortly!

** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** amanda@tootallfritz.com

Toenails are for Sissies

I’m sure most of you have heard the phrase “Toenails are for Sissies“.  If you have been to a large expo, you have possibly even come across the One More Mile Running Company booth which sells shirts/hats/stickers which make us giggle, nod in agreement and ultimately purchase the merchandise because it is better to laugh at the situation than cry.

Unfortunately I can relate.  I have always had toenail “problems”, even before I was stupid crazy enough to try the marathon distance.  I can lose a toenail after a 10 miler for a million numerous reasons unless I have some of these…….

Those little buddies are gel toe protectors.   I buy mine at Walgreens because there is one on every corner in the city it’s convenient.  They are currently on sale, buy 1, get one 50% off.  Smoking deal if you go thru them like me.  They are normally $6.99 each and worth EVERY penny!

I encourage you to try some before your feet get all jacked up gnarled like mine.

Or you will pay some lady A LOT of $$ each year to paint your skin make them look somewhat respectable.

I currently only have 2 nails on this poor foot.  The Chicago Marathon really took its toll this year.  Normally, I only have issues with the big and second toe but since I am now running funny due to the Plantar Fasciitis, this year didn’t go as well.  So for the next 6 months I’ll be wearing protectors on all but my baby toe.  Yikes. 

Sorry, this is such a disgusting graphic post.  Sorry to my hubby for the first and last view of how gross my feet really look.  Allow this to be a warning, or point of encouragement, for all of you who may have this problem or plan to run a marathon in the near future.   And for goodness sake, if you have this problem do everyone yourself a favor and go get a pedicure!

For those of you bitches who don’t have this problem like my bitch ass sister, the rest of us real toenail-less runners hate congratulate you. 

Good luck & Happy Running,                                                                                             Amanda – TooTallFritz