How Bad Do We Want It?

I know all of you have been stalking the weather report trying to figure out when you will squeeze in your weekend long run.  I admit, I too have taken a peak at the weekend forecast.


What’s even worse is that technology now tells us what the temp is really going to feel like on an hour by hour basis.  So log onto AccuWeather and  take a look for yourself.


According to this ever so accurate chart, tomorrow mid-morning to early afternoon is the best window.  SOLD!  I’ll take it.

Honestly, that was my only option so I’m not even sure why I looked.  So I’ll be slugging out my miles tomorrow around 11am.  What are you going to do?  As I see it, if you are training for a spring race, there aren’t many options:

  1. Run outside in the elements;
  2. Run inside on the dreadmill;
  3. Run on an indoor track if you have access to one; or,
  4. Skip your long run.

So it comes down to how bad to you want it?  How bad to I want it?  How bad do WE want to get to our spring races and do the best we can possibly do on that given day?  

If Its Important

You have choices.  There is always a choice.  You may not like the options but there are always choices.  I hope that you choose to get outside this weekend and run your miles. 


I’ll see you on the trail!

** Make It Happen ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **