Flying Pig Marathon Giveaway WINNER

There is some serious love for the Flying Pig Marathon events.  Wow.  Just wow.  This giveaway has been a huge success and there are so many people that want/need a free entry.  Unfortunately, I only have one entry to give out today.  But please know that I read each comment that was posted and I was both inspired and amazed by the stories that you shared with me.  Thank you for that.  And if you asked a question in your comment, I tried to respond but know that you can always contact me at with any questions.  I’m here for you and will help in any way that I can.  Lastly, remember that we are all on a journey.  Some journeys take longer than others.  We can’t compare what we go thru to our neighbors or friends.  It’s our journey alone and no two people are traveling the same exact path.  No matter what you are going thru right now, take a minute to pause, be grateful for the blessings in your life and then focus on how you can improve the things that you wish to change.  You have control.  You have choices.  Sometimes the choices are less desirable than we would like but we always have choices. 


Now let’s pick a winner!!  No worries, if you didn’t win, stop back tomorrow because I’ll be positing another amazing marathon (or half marathon) giveaway.  So many races, so little time.  RUN.ALL.THE.RACES.

We had 938 entries & the winner is #562.


#562 is AshleyRStumpp.  Ashley, please email me at with your Instagram name so that I can verify that you are a follower.  Then we’ll get you set up with a free race entry to either the full or the half marathon!  Congrats, girlie!!

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For all of the rest of us, we can register for the Flying Pig races HERE.  And if you see me in Cincinnati on Flying Pig weekend or out on the course, please say hello.  It’s going to be a great weekend!  Can’t wait to meet you!

** Let’s Get Oinked ** Amanda – TooTallFritz

Find Something You LOVE …..

We don’t live in a “one size fits all” society. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another.  My favorite run club, shoe, athletic wear won’t necessarily be YOUR favorite.  We have lots of choices because collectively we NEED different things to make us happy, fit our bodies and tackle our everyday needs.

One Size Does NOT Fit All

Seems logical, right?  Well, maybe not because it isn’t easy to find things that we like, that we LOVE!  So I encourage you to keep trying!  If all your friends are running and well, you just don’t enjoy it then please, try something else.  There are so many options to keep us moving that it’s really hard to “find” an excuse for inactivity.  Try Yoga, Zuma, CrossFit, Cycling, Swimming, Body Pump, TRX, P-90X, Ballet or just go for a hike on your local trail.  MOVE THAT BODY and reap the benefits of health!

Same with your local run club, if it’s not a good fit then try a different one.  I recently did a post on local run clubs on the South Side of Chicago.  There are so many options!  Find one that works for you whether that means a relaxed atmosphere, lots of runs, track sessions or a more structured group with pacers.  We have choices.  Explore the options!

What to wear?  Good question!  I’m blessed with a closet full of workout wear that I’ve amassed over the years that not only fits me but that I like.  No, that I love!   Thru trial and error, I have found a few retailers that do athletic wear that works for my body type (tall and  lanky but thick thru the midsection).  It took a long time to find things that both fit me and were in my style “comfort zone”.  If you don’t like how your running/workout clothes fit, then try a new brand/style.  There are retailers out there that make cool clothes for EVERY body type.  Don’t settle, keep trying because when we look good, we feel good!  You deserve to feel good, even when you are sweating buckets!  If you see someone wearing something that might work for you, don’t be afraid to ask them about it and if they bought it within the last century so you know if there is a chance of it still being available.

Running shoes.  Wow, how many choices do we have here?  Shoes are changing ALL THE TIME.  What has worked for me for the last 5 years, no longer fits my foot properly!  I have had more running shoes this year than any year previous and it’s not because I’m wearing them out.  I’m not putting my typical 300-400 miles on each pair but rather buying a pair, putting in 75 miles or so and then dumping them on eBay.  I don’t want to run in shoes that mangle or blister my feet!  Why should I?  Shop around to find the right shoe for your foot and don’t worry what everyone else is wearing or the color of the shoe. 

It’s important to manage our expectations and realize that what works for one (or many) doesn’t necessarily work for all.  I’m current loving CrossFit after only 3 workouts but I know a lot of people who can’t stand it.  Some people LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the marathon but it’s just not my bag forte.  I am in love with my running club but it may be a bit too lackadaisical for some.  I am an Athleta (TALL clothing options!!) and Tough Chik freak but you may prefer Lululemon or Champion Brand from Target.  We have options.  We have choices.  Rather than being upset that one particular thing isn’t working, let’s just focus on the positive and be thankful for the plethora of choices in most aspects of our life and find something that WE LOVE!  And don’t forget, it’s okay to change.  So if you were loving something yesterday but are dreading it today, it’s okay to move on and try something new.   

If you always do what youve always done

** Find Something You LOVE ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **