Just Felt Like Walking…..

I went out at lunchtime today to grab some miles.  I didn’t necessarily feel like running as my legs were still heavy from yesterday’s 5K……gasp…Yes, I said heavy from a 5K.  MY theory is that if it didn’t hurt, you probably should have run faster so I try to put my all into every effort regardless of the race distance.  However, that snowy ground cover was calling my name since the temps were broaching the mid 40s and I knew it would soon melt away.  So I overdressed and got my ass out the door. 

I had momentarily forgotten it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day until I hit the road and noticed all the extra people/kids on the streets.  It was such a perfect winter day in that the snow was visible but the temps were unseasonably warm.  The 44 degree temps felt like 54 to me and I was WAY overdressed and heated up quickly.  I know this will sound weird but I don’t really sweat but today was a different ball game since I overdressed, I was soaked in no time.

In the fall I was able to grab an awesome pic on the lake front path with which I fell in love.  My plan was to go back to the same area in each season and try to do the same photo so that I can frame them all individually but in a collage setting on my wall.  It didn’t work out exactly as I had hoped because my photos are similar but not the same, which shouldn’t surprise me but was still a slight disappointment.  I mean grabbing the photo was number one reason I got up and out today.  

I was also able to grab some other pics of the Lake Front Path in a snowy state.  It was fun and since my legs felt like lead anyhow there was no pressure as far as trying to keep a certain pace not that I really ever feel that pressure

Shedd Aquarium:Planetarium: 

A very deserted Burnham Harbor:

Lake Front Sledding Hill: 

As always, once I haul myself out the door, I really enjoy being out there.  Today was no different and knowing this could be the last day for a while with real snow on the ground made it even better.  Now the heavy, heavy, heavy legs didn’t feel great but I stopped for a gazillion lot of pics, walked on an off a few times, plus had the added stops of getting too and from the path, which is always slow going with traffic lights and pedestrians.

I was totally in a “just felt like walking” mood today.  It happens to me a lot.  I want to be out there but my body just isn’t fresh enough to keep moving very fast.  I won’t can’t even tell you how often, I just stop and walk.  It may or may not be for long, sometimes I just take Lisa E’s 6 Step Rule (you can stop and walk but after 6 steps you must resume running or do something that resembles running) sometimes I don’t give a shit care and walk for as long as I like.  Running, or walking, or just getting out there is for me and nobody else.  So if I want to walk, I walk.  Since there are so many newbie runners around as of late, I thought it was important to point that out.  It’s okay to walk……just keep moving forward and keep GETTING OUT THE DOOR.

Happy Running,                                                                                                      Amanda – TooTallFritz