CrossFit Day 22, 23 & 24

This will cover three different Crossfit sessions but since most of the moves are pretty standard at this point, this will be quick and painless at least to read.


Day 22 


  • Ball Slams (10#)
  • Pistols

CrossFit_Pistols_Train with Heidi

  • Ring Rows
  • Weighted Sit-Ups
  • Push Press (Bar Only – 45#)

This sequence was a bit different than any other that we have done previously.     Remember, my class (5am TUE/THUR) is for lightweights with the run club and we are more focused on increasing strength to look good for endurance so it’s a little different than the average CrossFit class. 

The number sequence added a twist.  The workout was completed in list order BUT each round the number of reps changed.  First round, we did each item on the list 1x, second round 2x, third round 3x, etc. up to 10 reps for each move for the last round.

This workout taught me is that we can’t count.  I know I can’t count and apparently my box-mates aren’t great at it either.  We rely on SOMEONE to know where they are and that totally backfired on us this time.  I ended up doing round #8 twice and I added some reps on the other rounds too.  My brain wasn’t working!

Day 23

  • 25 Pull-Ups
  • 15 Wall Climbs/HSPU – Hand Stand Push-ups ( I did HSPUs x 30)
  • 5 Recline Rope Climbs (I did 15)

Reverse Rope Climb_Me  Reverse Rope Climb_Me2  Reverse Rope Climb_Me3

This was more of a strength workout and I really enjoyed it.  I’m not great at pull-ups, even with the bands but managed to knock them out.  Then I opted for the HSPUs instead of the Wall Climbs cuz they are cool my elbow has been sore and I thought it would be less stressful. 

Handstand Pushup

We finished up with Death By Push-Ups.  Awesome.  Okay, not really.  They aren’t fun.  I made it thru 12 rounds (78 push-ups in all).  Death by anything uses the clock, in one minute intervals.   One minute per round, go as many rounds as possible.  First round started with 1 push-up.  Do the 1, then rest til the minute ends.  Then 2 push-ups in the next minute.  Then 3, etc. until you can’t go any longer.  OUCH!

Day 24

3 Rounds – 1 minute each station

  • Wall Balls (10#)
  • Ball Slams (10#)
  • Box Jumps (18” box – I did step-ups)
  • Burpees
  • Rowing

Good workout but I was low on energy today.  We stayed at each station and did as many reps as possible in one minute then moved to the next station.  After we completed one round of all the stations, one minute rest.  Repeat x3. 

** I Still Hate Burpees ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Birthday WOD …… CrossFit Day 20

We learned the hard way this morning at CrossFit that if it’s your birthday, or someone else’s, shut up about it OR lie about your age. 

21 again

If you’ve just started following, I’m a newbie CrossFitter.  I go to CrossFit 2x a week at 5am with my gal pals from the run club.  Although what we “do” does not have a special designation, I’d like to think we are more on the CrossFit endurance path than the hardcore CrossFitters like Jared these ladies:


You will never catch us at CrossFit in our undies, in fact most of us don’t wear undies cuz well, we are runners.  And we look way more like this guy below than the awesome women above.  Source:  StudentLive

weight lifter_studentlive

So today it was Michelle’s birthday.  Happy Fucking Birthday, Michelle!!  She was 38 so our workout surrounded her age.  Yay!  Sounds like fun, right? 

Michelle’s #38 Birthday WOD

  • 38 Box Jumps (18’” Box) – I did 19 jumps & 19 step-ups so that I didn’t die
  • 38 Ring Rows
  • 38 Kettlebell Swings (36# I think)
  • 38 Walking Lunges
  • 38 Hanging Knee Raises (Knees to Chest or Knees to waist in my world)
  • 38 Push Presses – Bar only (45# I think)
  • 38 Supermans
  • 38 Wall Balls (10#)
  • 38 Burpees
  • 400 meter Run

This was a rough one for me and my weak arms.  I almost didn’t make it.  But I did so I’m happy on that front.  And no, I’m not really mad at Michelle I’m actually mad at Aunt Julie because she’s the one who brought up the birthday.  A WOD is a WOD in my book.  I’m always glad that I went, even when it’s hard.  So whether is YOUR birthday or not, I’ll still be there.  

** Trying my damdest To Get Stronger ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

CrossFit Day 16 …

The WOD for yesterday was straight forward, simple moves, but hard.  I’m still sore. 

  • 70 Kettlebell Deadlifts – 35# (I think)
  • 70 Lunges
  • 70 Push-Ups
  • 70 Step-Up – 18” Box
  • 70 Burpees

burpees suck

I had a partner and between the two of us we needed to complete 70 of the specified move before going onto the next listed item.  My partner was the superstar experienced CrossFitter of our group and she totally killed it.  She also picked up some of my slack in the push-up and burpee departments.  Sorry, Sarah, I WILL get stronger.  It’s my mission.  It’s why I show up every TUE & THUR at 5am. 

Dream of Sucess or Wake up

We had a bit of downtime then cuz Sarah is so fast so started working on Ring Rows.  Did 15 of those before we were redirected. 

  • 50 Supermans
  • 50 Ab Baskets – 14# ball

Done.  Quick workout but it left it’s mark.

** Determined to Get Strong ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

CrossFit Day 14 …. Broken Blood Vessels

I love the always changing, constantly challenging aspects of CrossFit.  I never know what to expect and that is one of the attractions for me.  Oh, and the fact that I’ve been running for years and years and years and am currently a bit “stalled” in that aspect of my life.  What to do when a road block appears?  Travel in a new direction!  I refuse to give up on fitness but desperately needed to freshen things up and attempt to find my lost “mojo”.    In the interim, hopefully I’ll get strong and kick running in the ass throw down some fast times somewhere in the future. 

Today was Day #14.  I only go 2x a week for strength and  cross training but certainly see that it can become additive and lead to an every day “habit”; however, that doesn’t fit into my time budget nor would it be productive for running and TRI training.  As with everything, moderation is key!


  • 10 Wall Climbs

We’ve done the wall climbs before, once.  Not an easy feat for most of us uncoordinated mortals.  I’m going to revisit the demo from CrossFit Fire below.

CrossFit_wall climbs_CrossFitFire

This time was definitely better for me.  I was able to climb up to the point where I was almost all the way back to the wall, enough to lean my body on it, then take a break and walk back out.  Still don’t have the sliding back down the wall (to the ground) mastered so, I bent at the midsection/butt and slid my feet down with my butt in the air.  Wrong.  Definitely not the proper technique but it did allow my feet to come down without feeling as if I were breaking my toes.  Baby steps!  I’ll get there.  I do notice that I’m getting stronger in the core and had more control during the wall climbs this go around verses my previous attempt.  However, I apparently spent too much time upside down because I noticed miniscule red dots on my eyelids when I returned home that I recognized as broken blood vessel (last time this happened, I had a baby to show for it, and a lot more broken blood vessels all over my face & eyelids).  #Winning

broken blood vessels

Next up – 7 rounds with one minute rest between rounds.  I only completed 6 rounds because time wasn’t on my side today.  Had I known that traffic was so jacked up that I would be 40 minutes late to work anyhow, I would have just stayed for the last round.  Live & learn, right?

  • 10 Kettlebell Deadlifts (35#)
  • 10 Push Press (bar only – 45#)  Wowzers, these were hard for me.  I was about maxed out after the third round and it was getting super tough for me.  I had to be very careful about form and pushing with my legs to keep everything in line.  I may not have done the best job either cuz I tweaked my back getting out of the shower after the workout and it’s REALLY sore now. But we looked super badass tough in the photo!  Smile

CrossFit NL_push press

  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 Tire Step Ups
  • 10 Sit-Ups
  • 100 meter run
  • 1 minute rest, then repeat x7

Great workout!  Have you broken any blood vessels, or anything else during a workout?  Tell us your most bizarre “workout” injury?

** Trying To Get Stronger ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

CrossFit …. Day 6 …. Filthy Fifty

Each day it’s a surprise when we walk in the door at CrossFit.  The Workout of the Day (WOD) is on the board and that’s it.  No discussion.  No negotiation.  It’s GO time.  Today we saw something new (again, remember we are all newbies) called the Filthy Fifty.  Sounds bad, right?  Well, it kinda was bad, in a good sort of way.  We had to complete the workout, as detailed below, as quickly as possible.  I was hoping that we would get to break it up a bit but that wasn’t the case.  In order.  The number of reps listed.  As fast as possible. 

  • 50 Box Step Ups – 20” Box
  • 50 Jumping Pull-ups
  • 50 Kettelbell Deadlifts
  • 50 Walking Lunges
  • 50 Sit-ups
  • 5 x 100 meter run
  • 50 Supermans
  • 50 Ball slams
  • 50 Burpees
  • 50 Squats

Yikes, where to start?  At the top and just keep moving til the workout is complete!  The step-ups weren’t bad.  The jumping pull-ups were new and kinda fun but way more tiring than I’d like to admit!  We got to stand on a box, then jump up to the pull-up bar.  So it was the pull-up movement but easier because we got to both jump and pull at the same time.  Photo source – Google Images


The kettlebell deadlifts were an extension of what we learned on Tuesday.  It was the deadlift technique but with a kettlebell to lift.  Good way to revisit the deadlift without duplicating the entire process.  Photo source – Google Images

kettlebell deadlift

Walking lunges, sit-ups & 100 meter runs all self explanatory.  However, I’d like to point out that 50 sit-ups in a row is  hard.  I had to take a breather half way thru and then again before I finished.  Thanks to my weak core muscles for pointing out the fact that even the most elementary movements are still difficult.  Much appreciated.

Supermans – Not particularly tough unless you have zero core strength then it takes a bit energy and focus to do 50!  Photo source:  Feminine & Fit


Ball slams, burpees & squats we have done before but dang, I can’t do those burpees!  I had to modify that one and sub in push-ups after 10.  Sad smile  I’ll keep trying though, just have a bit of strain in the abs that is rebelling against all this fun stuff!

This WOD took me 22:28 and I was the last one done in my group.  That’s okay, somebody has to be last, right? 

finished last

I’m going to get stronger, one day at a time!!

** Getting Stronger ** Amanda – TooTallFritz  **

CrossFit ….. Day 5

I know that many of you are interested in CrossFit but are scared to try it because there are so many photos floating around of super strong people doing really crazy things.  It’s intimidating.  I know because I too was intimidated. So I’ll keep posting on it cuz trust me, if I can do it, anyone can.  I’m weak.  I have a bad back.  I have multiple muscle imbalances causing little “aches & pains”.  I have zero core strength.  However, these are the very reasons why I keep going back.  I want to get strong.  No, I NEED to get strong to support my body better and possibly carry any fallen comrades during the Dopey Challenge at WDW Marathon Weekend.

Day #5 at CrossFit brought us the Deadlift.  Say what?  It’s the long bar with weights on the end that we would NEVER touch in a million years.  Yep, it’s apparently time to build some muscles skills.  There was a bit of instruction involved.   Then practicing with the empty bar which was heavy all by it’s lonesome.   Then the addition of tiny weights which were still heavy.  Sequenced Photo Source:  CrossFit Centurion


weight bar   10 lb plates  

Look, I can do it!!!!


I did it.  Not well but I did it.  Once we went thru the instruction/trial period we probably did 4 sets of 10 with a 10# plate on each end. 

Since the deadlifts took some instruction, we were split into two groups.  The non-deadlift group did AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 19 minutes of the following sweatfest.

  1. 10 Step Ups onto an 18” Box – Body weight only
  2. 5 Burpees.  These were almost impossible the other day and totally impossible today.  I must have tweaked something in my flabby abs cuz each time I went down for the burpee, I just ended up laying on the floor.  Zero power. Zero pop.  Nothing.  I could just feel that pull in my abs.  LOL!  Yep, I NEED to get stronger!!!
  3. 10 Ball Slams – 10# ball.  These are one of the easier moves for me.  So I tried to make up lost time after the “burpees”.
  4. 5 Ab Baskets – New move for us!  And I can’t find a pic of it.  Sad smile  It was  a sit-up with the 10# ball.  Initially lay down with knees up, arms out over your head holding the medicine ball (while it rests on the floor), then sit-up and put your 10# ball on your extended legs (like a basket).  Your legs are up like they would be in a crunch position but instead of crossed, they straight and together in order to hold the ball.  Leave ball on the extended legs until you sit-up again, then take it back.  So half the sit-up is with the ball, half without.  When you aren’t holding it, your legs serve as a “basket” to hold/rest the ball.  Clear as mud, right? 
  5. 100 meter run with 10# plate.  Easy, just pick up the 10# plate and run the 100 meters.  Easiest part of this set for me! 

This was a killer workout, add in the heat/humidity and the fact that the facility was SO FLIPPIN’ HOT and it was kinda funny.  I was dirty and gross.  I had sweat dripping from places that I didn’t know could sweat.  Like from the end of my nose.  Wow.  Sweat dropping constantly from the end of my nose.  Now that’s disgusting fun.  #GettingStronger

Getting Stronger

** Getting Stronger Thru CrossFit cuz that’s the only thing open at 5am **  TooTallFritz  **

CrossFit …. Day 2 …. FGB

Apparently every day at CrossFit will require me to google acronyms and try to figure out what the heck we are actually doing.  This morning’s 5am workout was the “FGB” workout.  Apparently that stands for “Fight Gone Bad”.   Ummm, okay.  I thought sure I’d be the only one that showed up but no, I had 15 other friends who were just dying to KILL the FGB WOD (workout of the day).

FGB – Fight Gone Bad

(3x) – 5 minute rounds  – 1 minute per station/5 stations, then 1 minute rest after completion  of all the stations in succession  = 17 minutes total

1)  Jump Lunges – Grab some coordination real quick if you are clumsy like me cuz your gonna need it.  Think walking lunge except there is no walking but rather jumping and changing feet in the air to get into the next lunge position.  I think I did 4 before the tears appeared and my quads started shaking.  Maybe 3.  Not sure but the good news is that once I got into a rhythm, it was easier, and faster.  Success.


2)   Kettlebell Sumo High Pull – Took me a “minute” to get this right.  My damaged hips/back/hamstrings took a beating here and I subconsciously wanted to cheat and not go down into squat to grab the kettlebell.  Photo source:  Google Images

KB Sumo High Pull_squat   KB Sumo High Pull

3)  Box Jumps – We got to use the small box today.  Yay for being a newbie!!!!  And yes, we’d totally steal the short box from that kid.  Photo source.

box jump

4)  Abmat Situps – Sit-ups with a device which supported the arch of the back.  I heard sit-ups and thought the doc would be mad at me but the support ensured that I didn’t hurt my back.  Image #2 from

abmat     abmat_stick figure

5)  Burpees – HA!  Apparently, I’m not very good at burpees yet.  This was by far my weakest station.  Here is a diagram below which I got from yakkaFIT HERE.


6)  REST – 1 minute – Cough up your numbers & repeat.

After each session were recorded our numbers, how many reps we did total.  So if we did 10 of each exercise while occupying that station for one minute, we would have had 50 reps.  Not sure if that’s the proper term but we were basically counting each thing we did and compiling a number as we went.

Round #1 – 97, Round #2 –  113, Round #3 – 116, Total = 326

No idea if that was good or bad in the grand scheme of things but I want to record it for comparison going forward.  I’d like to think that I’ll get better, faster, stronger.  My burpees were almost non-existent, so that was a wasted station for me.  I did much better in the other areas, and much better after I got a rhythm and an idea of how to do each activity.

Another fun, Fun, FUN workout.  Loved it and look forward to going back next week but for now, I’m going off grid to swim, bike & run.  Don’t forget about my giveaway for the Chicago Half Marathon cuz I’ll be drawing Monday morning!

** Let’s Get Strong!!  ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **