Ragnar Chicago–Part I–What I Learned

Ragnar Chicago was my second foray into the Ragnar Relay Series.  If you recall, I did the Florida Keys event in January 2013 and it was hot as hell.  FL Keys was a 12 person team.  Chicago was a 6 person team.  Through these two events, I’ve learned a couple things and I’d feel remiss if I didn’t share. 

1.  The most fun you’ll have at Ragnar is probably going to be decorating the van.

van  van2

2.  The most exciting part is probably going to be the start line.

Ragnar Start Selfie    Start 

3.  The team you start with will most likely not be the same as the one that crosses the finish line.

4.  Make sure you have a solid team.  I would suggest the following teammates:

     a)  one runner who could probably run the entire distance herself, if necessary. 

Ragnar CHI_Julie

     b)  a super experienced runner who has done the course before and knows where to find the smores.

Ragnar CHI_Judy

     c) a rock of a person.  Solid as can be, one who won’t get agitated easily and if she does, she’ll manage to fake it stay calm until the panic passes.

Ragnar CHI_Lisa

     d)  a jokester, preferably one with ADD because apparently people with ADD don’t need to sleep.

Ragnar CHI_Kelly

     e) a captain, cuz they need to zap someone’s credit card when the flags get lost.

Ragnar CHI_2014_2

5)  Ragnar is a LONG event.  You will get tired.  It doesn’t matter if you are running 3 legs or 8 legs, exhaustion will set in and so will the bitchiness.

6)  Sleeping in a van is impossible, no matter how tired you may be or how well intentioned your teammates are about making you rest.

7)  Sometimes you will refuse to get out of the van, even if someone needs water, even if there are free smores, even if there are naked men flaunting themselves, even if …..

8)  No matter how many miles you run, no matter how many times you say  you will “never run again”, no matter how tired you get …. all those negative memories fade when you cross the finish and have that free beer in your hand.

Ragnar CHI_finish_official     finisher medal

** Ragnar – Part I – What I learned ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Allstate Life Insurance 13.1 Chicago Race Entry Giveaway….






The Allstate Life Insurance Chicago 13.1 Marathon will once again take to the South Shore of Chicago on June 8, 2013.  Although this is a newer race in Chicagoland, it is a good one!  The 13.1 race series is known for putting together great races with a few extras, gender specific race shirts, unique locations and a crowd pleasing after party.  For what they offer, the event is still priced reasonably with the current registration fee of $80.  Possibly the best part of the Chicago event is the unique location.  This is one of the few races held south of Jackson Park.  Runners start and finish at the South Shore Cultural Center, loop thru Jackson Park, then take to the lakefront for amazing views of both Lake Michigan and the city of Chicago.


I’ve wanted to run this event for multiple years but it hasn’t worked out for a variety of reasons.  I had planned to be out of town this year as well but I’m thinking we had an abrupt change of plans over the last couple weeks so I’m going to try to squeeze this in and I hope to see lots of friendly faces.

If you would like to be entered for a free entry, please comment below.  For an additional chance to win, go like 13.1 Marathon on Facebook HERE and leave a separate comment stating that you did so (and include your facebook name for verification purposes).

Good luck!  I will draw one winner via a random number generator on Monday, March 11th at 9am.  Two entries possible per person. 

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **