Baby, I’m Back…..Or At Least I Can Hope!

Wow, was that a great run today, or what?  First, I just can’t get over this weather.  I have been running in the winter for many years now and this the most mild winter that I can remember.  We have had virtually ZERO snow and it’s been warm this year with average temps in the 40’s til this month (January), and now we are hovering around 30 degrees.  A true gift if you are a runner.  Thank you to our Lord and Savior for this glorious winter so far.  I do fear we will pay for it later with a shitload of snow and freezing temps but feel the need to be paying my thanks now.  Secondly, I felt GOOD today for the first time in…..well, I can’t remember the last time I felt good while running. I am super excited but just trying to remember to focus on building, and strength, and have faith that my speed WILL return.  WhoooooHoooooooo!

Met up with Susan this morn for a couple miles before the club showed.  I was apprently shaking while attmepting to take the photo.  It was early that’s my story and I’m sticking too it.  Since Susan isn’t blury, I consider this a  photo sucess:  We pounded a couple of fast miles then met up with the group.  Love this group.  We had all paces this morning from run/walk (12:40 ish pace) to a solid 9:00 min/mi group with lots of in between.  The distances also varied from 3 miles up to 10.  Proud of you F’N Runners. Today’s Group from back left:  Susan, Maggie, Amy, Nicole, Julie, Don.  Front:  Genevieve (AKA Gennie cuz it’s easier for me to spell!), Diane, & Jeni.

We also took a solitary one of me so that Don could work some photoshop magic.  Awkward.  I’ll post the magic when CrazyBoy has time to work it out. 

After lots of talking, laughing and sizing the sample Team Sparkle Skirt which we are planning to wear for the Shamrock Shuffle but in green we were off to run but not before I was able to capture Don trying on the skirt.  HeHeHeHeHeHe!  Thanks, Don!  And for the record, Don will not be sporting a Green Sparkle Skirt for the Shamrock but is instead wearing a kilt.  Go Don!

We were running from New Lenox to Frankfort today to meet up with some TNT runners.  I was also hoping to get a glimpse of some Pancakers from the Park Forest Running and Pancake Club but I saw them running east toward Harlem when we stopped for the TNT runners so we never did cross paths with those Pancakers.   Group photo in Frankfort after dropping part of our group and gaining some TNT runners.  Since I only know about 3/4 of this group, we were so busy talking I forgot to ask names, I will avoid names so I don’t leave anyone out.  I am hoping Suzanne or Kate can help me out and I can come back and add names later.  Then we took off like a train to make the push back to New Lenox.  Lots of power in this group.  I like the mixing of the groups a lot.  The more the merrier!

And push back to New Lenox we did cuz we were headed to Starbucks for coffee afterwards!  That Skinny Peppermint Mocha was calling my name!  Whoooop!  I was feeling very happy that Grandma Fritz was in town to watch my little ones.  “Grammie” Fritz not only LOVES her grandchildren to no end but also enjoys spending time with them.  So I always know when Grandma is in town it is no problem that I go for an early morning run.  When I saw the crew was headed to SB aftewards, I asked if she would mind if I stopped and she said “why would you even ask, of course I don’t mind!”.  Well, “Grammie”, I just apprecaite you watching my little man, and I know he isn’t “easy” so I just wanted to be courteous but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!  And I love you!

For Susan & I today, we had 10 miles in and managed to squeak under that 1:30 mark.  It was barely but we made it in 1:29:52.  So good to be feeling normal again.  I can’t wait to be fully back and running fast and hope that it translates to some fast times this spring and summer.  Now is the time to build a strong base, get strong and blow up those old PRs come spring.  Let’s DO IT!  Things should be fun right now while you are building strength so get out and enjoy this weather and the commaradarie of group running!

Cheers,                                                                                                                             Amanda – TooTallFritz

The Skinny on $tarBuck$

Once the weather turns remotely cold, it is super hard for me to skip past $tarBuck$ when they are on every corner downtown in the morning.  I am always cold anyhow so a hot drink makes me happy, period.  However, once I add up the cost of $tarBuck$, plus the liquid calories, it really just isn’t smart a good idea for my body or my wallet.  Ironically, I am NOT a coffee drinker.  I don’t like the stuff, don’t like how it tastes going down or the after taste so I didn’t immediately jump on the $tarBuck$ train like a lot of people but instead it was a long slow progression to……

Unfortunately, I eventually realized that most $tarBuck$ products taste more like dessert than coffee and they hooked and reeled me in won me over.  I’m embarrassed not proud.  On the days that I am weak and stupid want a treat, I stop in for something in the “SKINNY” line.  The Starbucks Skinny products are much lower in calories and fat than the regular drinks.  My favorite is the Skinny Peppermint Mocha.

Espresso Beverages – Grande 16oz – Non-Fat Milk – No Whipped Cream

Skinny Caramel Macchiato 140 1 21 0 11
Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte 120 0 19 0 12
Skinny Flavored Latte 120 0 19 0 12
Skinny Peppermint Mocha 130 1.5 17 4 13

This is a treat for me and I really try to limit myself.  In my opinion, the best non-$tarBuck$ option is WATER.  I’m normally a water drinker, because I like it.  The added health benefits are just a bonus.  However, if I want a hot drink and am home or feeling cheap or broke  want to make a better choice, then I choose one of the following AdvoCare options.  I really like AdvoCare’s Spark both cold and warm.  It has several nice fruit flavors and actually taste good warm, plus I get some added nutrients and vitamins.  It’s convenient and comes in packets which I can carry in my purse or easily keep in my desk drawer at work.  I just add the contents to a water bottle and have a tasty, portable, nutrient rich beverage which is easy, low cal and affordable.

AdvoCare Spark® Energy Drink

My go to product for a hot mocha coffee type drink or a great additive to smoothies and protein shakes is the Coffeccino.


Then they developed a Mocha Mint Coffeccino for the holiday season.Mocha Mint Coffeccino® - Holiday Product

So if you are cheap like me watching your budget or just want a good product that won’t contribute to a big ass gives you some nutrition+warm+comfort, you might want to try one of these.  If you need the $tarBuck$, try to stay SKINNY and then you won’t have to skip a meal because of the extra calories. 

Stay Warm & Smart,                                                                                                        Amanda – TooTallFritz