SLS3 Compression Socks Winner & CrossFit Day 12

Today is the day!  The Random Number Generator picked the winner of the SLS3 Pink Butterfly Compression socks!!  Who says #13 isn’t lucky?  Today is your day #13, Lisa Jones!!!  WhoooHoooo!  Congrats, girlie!



Lisa, please send your mailing address to and I’ll send you these, except clean new ones.  Smile

SLS3_compression socks_pink

Everyone else, please shop SLS3 HERE and feel free to use the 15% off discount code:  TRI15 for anything in their store, which includes a variety of compression products including socks & TRI clothing, plus a full line of TRI products/suits/gear.  My newest love!

CrossFit Day 12!

WhoooHooo!  Okay, maybe only a half of a WhooHooo today cuz I probably won’t be able to lift my arms by lunch.

Today started with an amazing quote on the white board:

“Avoid the temptation to compare yourself to others who have completely different lives and set of goals”.  Julie Foucher

Thank you, Ms. Foucher.  Good reminder.

The WOD for today consisted of 4 rounds of the following with one minute at each station: Kettlebell Deadlifts (26#), Butterfly Abmat Sit-ups (with a weighted ball), Step Ups (24” Box), Ring Rows & a continuous parking lot RUN.  My form was corrected on the KB deadlifts, Step-Ups & Ring Rows.  Yes, I was still sleeping so I’m glad that J was watching to make sure I didn’t hurt myself.  I think.  Yes, definitely happy.

Rest for 1 minute, then repeat for a total of 4 rounds.  Not too bad.

Then we finished out with Death By Push-Ups.  Sounds miserable, right?  Yep, totally miserable.  One minute per round, go as many rounds as possible.  First round started with 5 push-ups.  Do the 5, then rest til the minute ends.  Then 6 push-up in the next minute.  Then 7, etc.  I completed 10 rounds, so finished the round with 15 push-ups in one minute, then basically caved because my arms were so shaky.  I didn’t even attempt the next round of 16.  So in all, I did 105 push-ups. Looks better to put it that way.  Smile

Our group of 5am F’N CrossFitters rockin’ out the push-ups!  Love these guys & gals!!!

Death By PushUps_FN CrossFitters

** Yes, My Arms Are Still Shaking ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Pro Compression Calf Sleeve Review & Giveaway


As we know, compression is all the rage right now.  It has taken our running and endurance activities to another level by helping us recover faster and get back out on the trail sooner than ever before, to push harder and get results.  Compression works.

There are various compression products on the market.  Last week we talked about compression shorts, this week we will focus on compression calf sleeves.  Regardless of where you run or race, you will see colorful compression socks or sleeves on many runners. 


I personally prefer calf sleeves when I run which is why I was super happy to see them recently added to the Pro Compression line up.  I’m very picky about my running socks.  I wear one brand and its a little thicker and cushier than the normal “ultra thin” running sock.  All my running shoes are laced to fit that particular sock and compression socks are not the same thickness.  So I prefer the sleeves while running in order to reap the benefits of compression and still be able to wear my favorite run sock.  Then I wear the full compression socks for after run recovery and traveling.  🙂


According to the Pro Compression website:

Your feet and legs are your engine. Anything less than peak performance and full recovery means unnecessary discomfort while operating at less than your best. Change all of that with the advanced design and materials that make PRO Compression socks your ultimate recovery tool…..

PRO Compression socks are designed specifically to deliver both maximum comfort and speedy recovery times. The science is complex, but benefits such as improved blood flow, stability and comfort are universally understood.  The moment you put these socks on your feet and incorporate them into your game, you will feel and understand the difference.

I was super excited to try out the Pro Compression calf sleeves. I know their calf sleeve line is new but they know compression.  If I’m going to wear compression socks to work around the house with my slippers, Pro Compression socks are my first choice.  So I was ecstatic to try out the calf sleeves for running.

Pro Compression SLEEVES_green

I love them.  I love that they are green.  I love that they fit like a glove. I love that they are green.  I love that they didn’t move when I ran. I love that they are green.  I love that they compress without putting too much pressure on my legs to create discomfort. I love that they are green.  I love that they don’t stretch out after multiple wear sessions. I love that they are green.  I love that I can pair them with capri’s for warmth & compression as the temps turn cooler. I love that they are green.  I love that they are at the top of my drawer and my current new favorite thing. I love that they are green.  I love that they match my new favorite shoes so well.  🙂

Regardless of whether you wear compression for function or fashion, I recommend trying out the new Pro Compression Calf Sleeves.  I look forward to adding more colors to my line up!

Pro Compression has generously agreed to give one lucky reader a pair of calf sleeves ($45 value), in their size/color preference.  To be entered in the giveaway, please comment below and tell me what you prefer:  compression calf sleeves, full compression socks or none of the above?

You might also want to follow Pro Compression on Facebook HERE in order to be up to date on the latest specials!   If you want to shop now, use the discount code: FIT40 for 40% off, plus free shipping.  That brings the calf sleeves down to $27 each!  Good deal!

One winner will be chosen on Monday, December 17th at 9am.  Good luck!

** Compress Happy ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Did I Leave It on the Trail?

Ever heard anyone say not to leave your best run on the trail/road?  Well after a hardish run on Monday, then another  harder than I would have liked  run last night, I now have  the perfect excuse concern that I will not be fully recovered by the Hot Chocolate Race on Saturday.  Let me introduce you to my fast friend, Susan D. from the Frankfort Running Club.  Yes, this is the same Susan D. who did the guest post on the Monster Dash yesterday.  Let’s hope she doesn’t block me as spammer  isn’t tired of me after so much interaction in one week! 

Sometimes  your partner is feeling good and well, you aren’t.  The “plan” was for a slow, easy pace but Susan was ready to RUN!  I tried to inconsipuously drop some rocks in her shoes to weigh her down remind her of the pace.  I also tried to throw a harness around her shoulders and let her drag me a hint by running a couple of steps behind her…… but alas, when a girl has fast feet, it is time to fly!  I just hope some of that speed and bounce rubbed off on me as I prepare for race day!  If not, then  I will TOTALLY blame her know to go at it easier before the next race!

We ran west on Old Plank Trail.  This is by far the trail that I run the most so I am very familiar with it.  I love this trail because it is very long, straight and flat.  If you are a non-ultra runner, then you mostly likely won’t run out of trail over the course of one run.  If you are a biker/triathlete then this is a good trail for you up to about the 1/2 Iron distance (round trip), then after that you will need to make some laps or maybe just go home cuz you’re crazy.  Even though its flat, it is still beautiful and generally has decent tree cover from the sun on those warm weather days.  Here are a few photos of our journey.

Thanks Susan for getting out there with me and making it happen.  Now please excuse me while I tend to my recovery.

5.05 miles – 47:14 – several stops for photos, road/car crossing stop x2

“Run”way Fashion – RunLove Fleurs Triathlon Skirt – photo below is of the RunLove Fleurs print but my skirt doesn’t have the capri pants underneath. Image 12011 Sunburst Races (Notre Dame) 1/2 Marathon A4 shirt – I’ve received several A4 shirts this year and the ones that are women’s specific fit and feel really nice!  “Under the Skirt”, cuz you’re dying to know, is the Hipster Briefs.  As for my recovery, Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale & CEP Compression calf sleeves.  LOVE the CEP sleeves!  I haven’t tried the full socks due to the Plantar Fasciitis issues and not wanting my heels compressed but I really love the sleeves.  I wear them around the house, sleep in them, wear them to work, etc.  Great product and since they aren’t “socks” I don’t worry about constantly washing them.  After the success I’ve had with the compression calf sleeves and the compression 3/4 tights, I would probably consider investing in a full length pair of compression tights for year round continuous, non-stop wear winter.

P.S…..after a night of sleeping in the CEP sleeves, I’m feeling good!  So let’s race! 

Who’s racing this weekend?  Where?

Cheers,                                                                                                                               Amanda – TooTallFritz