CrossFit Day 13 – Handstand Push-Ups!

Great quote on the white board this morning.

“Even if you are dead last every single WOD, remember that you finished the same WOD as the person who finished first.  Yell “TIME” loud and proud, you did it!”

Love that.  CrossFit, and any fitness activity, is about improving oneself.  Push hard and compete against you. Try to do better than yesterday and move forward with a good attitude, being confident that the person you see in the mirror tomorrow will be stronger and tougher than the one you see today.  This is all about you, don’t worry about what anyone else is doing or how quick they may be doing it.  It doesn’t matter if your activity is walking, running, biking, swimming or maybe CrossFit.  Do it for you.  Compete against you.

Today’s workout began with two new moves.  Handstand Push-ups and Kettlebell Swings.  Yay!  I’ve wanted to work my way up to handstands since I first saw my friends and fellow F’N Runners in this photo below (April 2013).  From left:  Jeni H, Amy C & Tina B.

Handstands_CF NL

I saw this photo via Facebook months before I started CrossFit.  I was green with envy.  These ladies are normal people.  They aren’t big and muscly and nobody would probably pick them out of the crowd as being overly “strong”.  They are moms who run.   Ladies I know.  Regular people like you and I.  If these ladies can do it, so can I.  So can you.  But as with everything, we have to put in the work.  These ladies obviously did that.  Wow.  This photo is what convinced me that CrossFit was something I needed to add to my life.  I’m not saying that I’ll ever be coordinated and/or strong enough to replicate this move but I’ll never know if I don’t try.  I learned a long time ago, never say never.

Handstand Push-ups – They are just as they sound.  Kick up into a handstand, then dip down to do a push-up.  Took me a few times to be confident enough to actually kick up with enough force to actually stay up but it was something that became more comfortable with each attempt.  The goal was to do the handstand, then 10 push-ups, then kick down.  Here I am below.  Yes, I always wear my Aspaeris Pivot Compression Shorts and Pro Compression or SLSTRI  Compression Socks to class.

Handstand Pushup  Handstand Pushup 2  Handstand Pushup 3

I couldn’t dip down very far for the push-up but it’s a start.  I also wasn’t able to complete all 10 before I lost my balance and had to kick out.  I did make 9 on one attempt though!  Super excited!! 

Kettlebell Swings are super fun too!!!  Demo below.  I added the last photo too because the range of motion isn’t complete until the kettlebell is above the head.  Sequence from Todo Entrenamientos and then the lady in blue is from South Coast CrossFit.

kettlebell-swings    kettlebell swing_vertical_South Coast Crossfit

After the new moves, we did a quick “2 minute AMRAP” (as many rounds as possible) workout of:  Box Jumps (12” box), Abmat Sit-ups, Squats & Ring Rows.  2 minutes on each activity, doing as many as possible in the 2 minute timeframe. 


Anything you are excited to tackle in your upcoming workouts?  Maybe your first 20 miler of marathon training?  Handstands in CrossFit?   It’s a beautiful things to watch the progress of a good training cycle.  Be proud!!

** Getting Stronger ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

SLS3 Compression Socks Winner & CrossFit Day 12

Today is the day!  The Random Number Generator picked the winner of the SLS3 Pink Butterfly Compression socks!!  Who says #13 isn’t lucky?  Today is your day #13, Lisa Jones!!!  WhoooHoooo!  Congrats, girlie!



Lisa, please send your mailing address to and I’ll send you these, except clean new ones.  Smile

SLS3_compression socks_pink

Everyone else, please shop SLS3 HERE and feel free to use the 15% off discount code:  TRI15 for anything in their store, which includes a variety of compression products including socks & TRI clothing, plus a full line of TRI products/suits/gear.  My newest love!

CrossFit Day 12!

WhoooHooo!  Okay, maybe only a half of a WhooHooo today cuz I probably won’t be able to lift my arms by lunch.

Today started with an amazing quote on the white board:

“Avoid the temptation to compare yourself to others who have completely different lives and set of goals”.  Julie Foucher

Thank you, Ms. Foucher.  Good reminder.

The WOD for today consisted of 4 rounds of the following with one minute at each station: Kettlebell Deadlifts (26#), Butterfly Abmat Sit-ups (with a weighted ball), Step Ups (24” Box), Ring Rows & a continuous parking lot RUN.  My form was corrected on the KB deadlifts, Step-Ups & Ring Rows.  Yes, I was still sleeping so I’m glad that J was watching to make sure I didn’t hurt myself.  I think.  Yes, definitely happy.

Rest for 1 minute, then repeat for a total of 4 rounds.  Not too bad.

Then we finished out with Death By Push-Ups.  Sounds miserable, right?  Yep, totally miserable.  One minute per round, go as many rounds as possible.  First round started with 5 push-ups.  Do the 5, then rest til the minute ends.  Then 6 push-up in the next minute.  Then 7, etc.  I completed 10 rounds, so finished the round with 15 push-ups in one minute, then basically caved because my arms were so shaky.  I didn’t even attempt the next round of 16.  So in all, I did 105 push-ups. Looks better to put it that way.  Smile

Our group of 5am F’N CrossFitters rockin’ out the push-ups!  Love these guys & gals!!!

Death By PushUps_FN CrossFitters

** Yes, My Arms Are Still Shaking ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Pro Compression Calf Sleeve Winner

The winner of the super cool Pro Compression Calf Sleeves is #17 –


Ali, please email me at and let me know which color & size calf sleeves you would like.  It looks like the current color options are:  black, lime green, pink & white (not pictured below). 


Please reference the size chart so that you get the appropriate size:


For the rest of us, it appears the calf sleeves are currently on sale for $30.  We also have a coupon code for 40% off regular priced marathon socks & sleeves, plus free shipping using discount code: FIT40.  So if you miss this sale (or would like to try a pair of the Pro Compression marathon compression socks), then feel free to use the discount code.

Enjoy!  These are really great socks/sleeves!!

** Happy Compression ** Amanda – TooTallFritz ** **

Pro Compression Calf Sleeve Review & Giveaway


As we know, compression is all the rage right now.  It has taken our running and endurance activities to another level by helping us recover faster and get back out on the trail sooner than ever before, to push harder and get results.  Compression works.

There are various compression products on the market.  Last week we talked about compression shorts, this week we will focus on compression calf sleeves.  Regardless of where you run or race, you will see colorful compression socks or sleeves on many runners. 


I personally prefer calf sleeves when I run which is why I was super happy to see them recently added to the Pro Compression line up.  I’m very picky about my running socks.  I wear one brand and its a little thicker and cushier than the normal “ultra thin” running sock.  All my running shoes are laced to fit that particular sock and compression socks are not the same thickness.  So I prefer the sleeves while running in order to reap the benefits of compression and still be able to wear my favorite run sock.  Then I wear the full compression socks for after run recovery and traveling.  🙂


According to the Pro Compression website:

Your feet and legs are your engine. Anything less than peak performance and full recovery means unnecessary discomfort while operating at less than your best. Change all of that with the advanced design and materials that make PRO Compression socks your ultimate recovery tool…..

PRO Compression socks are designed specifically to deliver both maximum comfort and speedy recovery times. The science is complex, but benefits such as improved blood flow, stability and comfort are universally understood.  The moment you put these socks on your feet and incorporate them into your game, you will feel and understand the difference.

I was super excited to try out the Pro Compression calf sleeves. I know their calf sleeve line is new but they know compression.  If I’m going to wear compression socks to work around the house with my slippers, Pro Compression socks are my first choice.  So I was ecstatic to try out the calf sleeves for running.

Pro Compression SLEEVES_green

I love them.  I love that they are green.  I love that they fit like a glove. I love that they are green.  I love that they didn’t move when I ran. I love that they are green.  I love that they compress without putting too much pressure on my legs to create discomfort. I love that they are green.  I love that they don’t stretch out after multiple wear sessions. I love that they are green.  I love that I can pair them with capri’s for warmth & compression as the temps turn cooler. I love that they are green.  I love that they are at the top of my drawer and my current new favorite thing. I love that they are green.  I love that they match my new favorite shoes so well.  🙂

Regardless of whether you wear compression for function or fashion, I recommend trying out the new Pro Compression Calf Sleeves.  I look forward to adding more colors to my line up!

Pro Compression has generously agreed to give one lucky reader a pair of calf sleeves ($45 value), in their size/color preference.  To be entered in the giveaway, please comment below and tell me what you prefer:  compression calf sleeves, full compression socks or none of the above?

You might also want to follow Pro Compression on Facebook HERE in order to be up to date on the latest specials!   If you want to shop now, use the discount code: FIT40 for 40% off, plus free shipping.  That brings the calf sleeves down to $27 each!  Good deal!

One winner will be chosen on Monday, December 17th at 9am.  Good luck!

** Compress Happy ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Aspaeris Pivot Shorts Giveaway

I’m just barely back with the living after being out for days with some sort of nasty cold/respiratory flu.  No idea what it was but my ears are still ringing, my head is still pounding and my throat is still raw.  It is now pretty clear as to why my Sunday afternoon run was so craptastic.   A six miler is just about the perfect distance, not too long and not too short.  However on Sunday, I spent more time walking my country roads hoping my friend Nicki would drive by and pick my up then I did running.  I thought I was exhausted from too much traveling but within an hour of hauling my ass getting home from the “run”, I was very sick and in bed. 

I’m better now and it’s back to business.  What’s up on the agenda?  Another giveaway!  It’s no secret that Aspaeris Pivot Shorts are one of my favorite things.  I wear them a lot for running, working out, and even to bed around the house on those days where I feel like my quads are trashed.  My quads “feel the burn” more than the rest of my body when my miles climb,  I have to really pay attention to recovery.  I’ve found that the best way for me to recover is to use Aspaeris Pivot Shorts

aspaeris button_3a  image

This is why when I joined the ultra team for Ragnar Chicago earlier this year, Aspaeris was the FIRST company I contacted for sponsorship because I knew that I would need help recovering between legs in order to perform to the best of my ability.  Although my Ragnar dreams fell short for Chicago, I’m going to give it another go in Miami next month for the Ragnar Miami to Key West event.  My team, 2 Bros and 10 Does, will be running and recovering in Aspaeris.  Look for us in this kick ass Jeni Healy design below (printed by Family Fan Club)  along with the red Aspaeris Pivot Shorts.   I think we should be easy to spot!  🙂



For those of you who are new to Aspaeris, these shorts are billed as compression shorts.  While they work like normal compression shorts by compressing the legs/hips/glute muscles to keep the blood flowing for better performance and recovery, these shorts also have an added layer to guide muscles to help prevent injuries.  The official description is below:

Aspaeris Pivot Short™

Aspaeris Pivot Shorts™ are actually two pairs of shorts bonded together. The Outer Short is a high performance compression short designed to support your muscles. The Inner Short features our breakthrough, Dual Sensory Compression Bands™.

These cross-knit bands guide your muscles into the proper position, thereby improving your pivot performance, which helps prevent ACL and hip injuries.

The Aspaeris Pivot Short™ is not an ordinary compression short. Athletes who try the APS™ report feeling more confident in their ‘pivot moves’ and almost all feel more in control without being restricted.

They currently sell for $60 and are available in red, navy & black.  However, the word on the street is that 2013 will bring about some amazing changes for us Aspaeris lovers in the release of Gen2 short.  The Gen2 promises to deliver a better short with “enhanced fabric, fit and compression features”….. see the  excerpt from the press release below: 

The new APS Gen2™ boasts an improved fabric weave with reinforced seams that will extend the compression life of the short, as well as a stylish, colorblock logo. Additional features include a newly designed crotch, comfort waistband, and adjustability of the dual layers at the leg opening. Like the original Pivot Short, the Gen2 has an inner short with Dual Sensory Compression Bands™ that help guide the athlete into proper position while she pivots and runs, which powers performance, speeds recovery, and prevents injuries. The APS Gen2™ will be available in the New Year and will come in black and a newly-released Aspaeris pink. Aspaeris will also offer a special gift certificate for the Gen2 to current Pivot Short users.

So while all of you are whooooooping it up on New Year’s Eve, I’ll be sitting at my computer hoping they launch these shorts so I can get the new generation ASAP.  And yes, I already emailed them and begged them to send me some a “little” early but it was a no go.  Seems like those smarties only have the prototype on hand and its in nude to avoid people like me trying to get a pair early.  Aspaeris Design Team – 1, TTF – 0.  Well played Aspaeris!

If there is any doubt that I absolutely love these shorts then you haven’t been reading long.  I’ve  been EVERYWHERE in these shorts this year.  One of my favorite ways to wear them is under a Team Sparkle skirt!

      2012 Shamrock Shuffle                                 Running For Kicks Fun Run

Maggie Kelly Me                              RFK Winnings

         FNRC Group Run

                         aspaeris pivot shorts_red_3-14-12              

         Quad Cities Marathon Weekend           QuadCities_2012 girls 

I’m super excited about the Aspaeris Gen2 release because I really love the first generation and know that they have really listened to what the customers are looking for:  better wear/tear & more ventilation.  They are taking these shorts to the next level.  I will certainly be ordering the Gen2s as soon as they are available!

For now, we are offering a pair of the current Aspaeris Pivot Shorts in the color and size of your choice for this giveaway.  What do you need to do?  Comment below and you’ll be entered in the giveaway but if I were you, I would also go “like” them on  Facebook HERE so that you can be up to date on the latest news and specials.

If you don’t want to wait for the drawing, then feel free to use the discount code RAGNAR20 for $20 off a pair of these shorts.  Don’t forget to tell Santa, he likes to save a few $$ too!

I will pick a winner via a random number generator on Monday, December 10th at 9am.  Good luck!

** Happy Compression Wearing ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **