Normally, I am a very somewhat focused individual.  I work in a job that is deadline oriented.  My co-workers are Me, Myself & I so there isn’t any “back-up” and there is no question as to “if” it’s going to get done.  It HAS to get done before the deadline,  NO.MATTER.WHAT.  In addition to the J.O.B, I have a long commute, family responsibilites:  hubby/kids/pets/house, etc., and I love to get my run on as often as possible so its normal for me to have a time deficient .   Therefore, my interaction with social media, email, reading and other “fun” things has to be limited.  It sucks is difficult to be an adult.

However, I must admit, I am currently struggling to focus on anything except the buzz on the facebook boards regarding registration for the 2012 Chicago Marathon.  My friends and F’N Running Club buddies are signing up at an alarming rate.  People who said “no way” yesterday, signed up today.  In fact, they are not the only ones registering, over 25,000 people registered in the first 24 hours!  Wow.  I am getting slammed with messages, updates, etc. of new people who are running and a good number of people who have also chosen to run for Ronald McDonald House Charities along with me!  I am so excited!  It looks like I will not be standing on the start line “alone” this year but will have lots of “friendlies” standing right beside me and ready to tackle the momentous occasion as a team.  Thank you to all of you who have registered and/or are planning to register!  This is going to be the best year ever!  And PLEASE contact Charles R. at RMHC if you have any thoughts or questions about becoming a Charity Runner.  You will not be sorry, the experience RMHC offers is like no other:   private bathrooms, free post race massage, great food/drinks before and after the race (for you plus your family & friends!), and of course, Ronald McDonald and the entire RMHC crew will literally roll out the red carpet to cheer and congratulate you upon finishing!  It really is an awesome experience.

With all of these fun things happening, I’m surprised I was even able to pry myself away for a run yesterday!  But I did!  The temps on Feb 1, were amazing at 50 degrees and it was a beautiful day to run! 

The best thing about the weather was that we got to get back on the trail for the first time in several weeks.  WHOOOOHOOOO!  I love you Old Plank Trail!

Here are a few pics from the walking trail around the  pond.  This is the route I take when I have the kiddos because we like the water, wildlife and seasonal grasses.  It’s certainly not the same in the winter but still good to appreciate the beauty of what will be in spring/summer.

There were a few spots which were snow and ice-covered but for the most part the trail was clear. 

I was able to grab 4 miles and watch the sun begin to set before picking up the F’N Running Club for the Wednesday Night Run. 

Two new people tonight!  Can you spot them?  F’N Runners from Top Left:  Rick (newbie!), Joe, April, Aurelia, Meg, Susan, Dawn.  Bottom Left:  Me, Brian P, Brian F, Nicole (newbie!), & Cathie.

Great turnout!  We had all ages/paces covered from a 12-year-old runner & UP no way you will get the ages out of the rest  of us, run/walkers to 7:30 pace range.  Good job FNRC!

Most of the group ran 4 miles, and a few went 6 miles.  It really is a very casual and supportive atmosphere if you are interested in trying a group run, we most definitely can help you along!  Come out and join us!

My mileage for the day was 10.35 but most of those were very leisurely miles with some photo ops plus walking in the snowy/icy spots.  Great run!

Happy Running!                                                                                                                Amanda – TooTallFritz

It’s Snowing!!!

I am so excited about the snow!  I know so many who are frowning but I’m like a kid at Christmas super happy right now.  Two of my favorite runners are out playing on pounding Old Plank Trail to get in their scheduled Thursday Noon Run!  Great job Don & Julie.  I had to steal CrazyBoy’s pic to show you the beauty of running in the snow.  Hopefully Don will do a write-up and give us all the fun details!

Do you like the snow?  What are your plans if you get a snow day tomorrow?  Send me your snowy run/fun pics and I will post them.  Let’s have a virtual SNOW DAY!   Email pics with a brief description to me:  amanda@tootallfritz.com.

Be Safe & Enjoy the Beauty,                                                                                         Amanda – TooTallFritz                                                                             amanda@tootallfritz.com

Is Winter REALLY Coming?

I feel as if the entire winter we, here in the midwest, have just been banking our miles, saying our thanks for good weather and waiting.  We know the snow is coming.  We know this means slippery or impassable trails that will slow and/or hamper our runs.  We know that road running is in our VERY near future.  The weather people say that winter is coming tomorrow, in the form of snow.  Supposedly, we will be getting real snow in the form of 1 to 10 inches.  Way to narrow it down, thanks, I’ll just schedule my snow day now NOT.

In preparation for the possible 10 inches of snow, hubby gassed up the snowmobiles and made sure that they would start easily for Ms. TooTall.  My personal preparations were to make sure I got groceries in a good run.  I certainly don’t want to be snowed in wondering when I’ll get to run next, so while all of you were duking it out at Jewel, I hit the trail.  I wanted my first 4 miles to be 8:30-8:45 so needed to get to the trail early to ensure that could happen.  And once again, it was daylight.  This makes me super happy!  I actually grabbed my music today too, which is very unusual for me but I wanted to push and thought it would be a good distraction.  Sorry about the ear buds coming out of my bra.

Then I hit the trail for some fastish miles with photos squeezed in between, and 2 phone calls, and some txt messages.  So my mile splits were all over the place due to the above:  Mile 1:  8:35, Mile 2:  9:19, Mile 3:  9:07, and Mile 4:  8:51.  I know this looks like a pacing fail but the following pics were taken, in addition to the phone calls, etc. 

As you can see the light is diminishing, which means it is almost time to meet my F’N Running Club!  Whooooop!  So I busted it back to Frankfort with my ipod blaring camera tucked away.

We had another AWESOME group show up for a Wednesday night run because they too were afraid of the impending snow storm.  The F’N Running Club Ladies, Top:  Maggie, Dawn, April, Michelle, Kathy, Aurelia, Susan, & Cathie.  Middle:  Kate LF, Megan, Jeni.  Bottom:  Me & Diane.We had one guy tonight, and here is the proof.  Brian F. posed with us in the front and I bet he can’t wait til Brian P. is fixed up and ready to run again

In light of recent events, on a different trail far away, we took a few seconds to remind everyone to be safe, be aware of their surroundings, run with a partner, or pepper spray, etc.  My favorite pepper spray comes from personalsavers.com, I like the wrist saverI know I have posted about this before but I like it cuz it fits right next to my watch and is very accessible, not tucked away in a pocket somewhere.  Please be AWARE and SAFE!

And then we were off to run.  As you saw, we had a great sized group tonight!  The group ranged from run/walkers at 3 miles to 9:00 min milers at the 4-6 mile mark.  Lots of in between too!  It was so nice seeing so many of our group on the trail, supporting each other.  Lots of fun and we are really becoming more of a team, trying to help and push each other, rather than just a group who shows up to run.  Nice, I’m proud of all of you!

In total, I had 10 miles in 1:32 today.  Good Wednesday Pre-Snow run!

What do you do before a “possible” snow storm? Do you run, get groceries, gas up the snowmobiles, or put the plow on the truck?  For the record, I did stop on the way home to gas up my car, just in case the snow really does come.

Cheers!                                                                                                                            Amanda – TooTallFritz


You may feel like dwelling on your limits or your fears. Don’t do it. A perfect prescription for a squandered, unfulfilled life is to accommodate self-defeating feelings while undercutting your finest, most productive ones. — Marsha Sinetar

Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic. — Unknown

I have been thinking a lot lately about courage.  As the F’N Running Club grows on a daily basis, I see new people out each time I show up.  This is so amazing to me because these are not people from other area clubs but instead the friends, family and acquaintances of those of us who REALLY love to run.   And you know what, a majority of these new people don’t consider themselves to be “runners”.  They don’t think they are fast enough to keep up and they don’t want to hold up any of the “real runners”.  I say, BULLSHIT come out and join us because everyone is welcome, regardless of pace.  We all had to start somewhere and I some of us started pretty far down on my their own run/walk program.

Do you remember your first group run?  Were you scared?  How long was it that you thought about joining a group before you actually showed up?  Or are you still thinking about it?  I am personally trying to think back to my first group running days to re-experience those feelings and it is hard for me to go back there because I have a crappy memory.  Honestly, I know I had to be terrified.  I know this because I get butterflies driving new places even though I now have EVE,- my in car gps to guide me.  I know these new people are terrified and give them so many props for sucking it up having the courage to come out.  So congrats to our new runners who continue to show up.   And if you have not yet been able to get up the courage join us, I encourage you to give it a try.  I can’t guarantee it will be easy, but it will be worth it.

Today was a tough one, we ran the Hickory Creek Extension off of Old Plank Trail.  Can you say hills?  Lots of rollers.  Here is our F’N Running Club group for today:  Susan, Nicole, Suzanne, Angela, April, Jeni, Jennifer E., Jenny G., Kim, & Paul.  

It was an absolutely glorious day to run.  The temp was about 24 when we started, it was daylight and we had an awesome group of runners and run/walkers.  We broke into three groups.  A 9:30 group  and a 10-10:30 group that went 5 miles, then a run/walk group that went 3 miles.  I want to give my friend Kim a HUGE shout out because by her committing to come and lead the run/walkers, we actually had three show up.  On the drive over, Kim downloaded the Nike+ Run App to her phone so she could flip the group at 1.5 miles.  Thanks, Kim.  I know this was your first group run EVER today and I’m sure you too were scared but I really appreciate your showing up and helping us out!  You did AWESOME, totally rocked the run/walk and we want to welcome you to the F’N Running Club!  Whoooooop!  Today’s Run/Walkers:  Jennifer E., Kim & April

Since today was such a glorious day,  plus it was recovery day at a slower pace, I stopped for a billion lots of photos.  Here is a pictorial account of the Hickory Creek Extension.   9:30 Group:

 10:00 Group: 

 Bridges, Hills, Water, Tom-Foolery Running:  Ladies….PLEASE stop and sit on this bench to stare into the sun with me?  Angela, Nicole, Me & SuzanneTurn Around, Angela & Suzanne  10:00 Group approaching the turnaround:  Paul & Jeni

Another great run today!  Congrats to you if this was your first group run.  I know it was hard to have the balls courage to show up, but you did.  Come back.  It will only get easier from here on out.

As for those of you who want to join us but are scared.  Please know that EVERYONE is welcome.  If you let us know before hand your pace/goals, we WILL find somebody at your level to keep you company.  You will have fun.

Happy Running,                                                                                                                 Amanda – TooTallFritz

Baby, I’m Back…..Or At Least I Can Hope!

Wow, was that a great run today, or what?  First, I just can’t get over this weather.  I have been running in the winter for many years now and this the most mild winter that I can remember.  We have had virtually ZERO snow and it’s been warm this year with average temps in the 40’s til this month (January), and now we are hovering around 30 degrees.  A true gift if you are a runner.  Thank you to our Lord and Savior for this glorious winter so far.  I do fear we will pay for it later with a shitload of snow and freezing temps but feel the need to be paying my thanks now.  Secondly, I felt GOOD today for the first time in…..well, I can’t remember the last time I felt good while running. I am super excited but just trying to remember to focus on building, and strength, and have faith that my speed WILL return.  WhoooooHoooooooo!

Met up with Susan this morn for a couple miles before the club showed.  I was apprently shaking while attmepting to take the photo.  It was early that’s my story and I’m sticking too it.  Since Susan isn’t blury, I consider this a  photo sucess:  We pounded a couple of fast miles then met up with the group.  Love this group.  We had all paces this morning from run/walk (12:40 ish pace) to a solid 9:00 min/mi group with lots of in between.  The distances also varied from 3 miles up to 10.  Proud of you F’N Runners. Today’s Group from back left:  Susan, Maggie, Amy, Nicole, Julie, Don.  Front:  Genevieve (AKA Gennie cuz it’s easier for me to spell!), Diane, & Jeni.

We also took a solitary one of me so that Don could work some photoshop magic.  Awkward.  I’ll post the magic when CrazyBoy has time to work it out. 

After lots of talking, laughing and sizing the sample Team Sparkle Skirt which we are planning to wear for the Shamrock Shuffle but in green we were off to run but not before I was able to capture Don trying on the skirt.  HeHeHeHeHeHe!  Thanks, Don!  And for the record, Don will not be sporting a Green Sparkle Skirt for the Shamrock but is instead wearing a kilt.  Go Don!

We were running from New Lenox to Frankfort today to meet up with some TNT runners.  I was also hoping to get a glimpse of some Pancakers from the Park Forest Running and Pancake Club but I saw them running east toward Harlem when we stopped for the TNT runners so we never did cross paths with those Pancakers.   Group photo in Frankfort after dropping part of our group and gaining some TNT runners.  Since I only know about 3/4 of this group, we were so busy talking I forgot to ask names, I will avoid names so I don’t leave anyone out.  I am hoping Suzanne or Kate can help me out and I can come back and add names later.  Then we took off like a train to make the push back to New Lenox.  Lots of power in this group.  I like the mixing of the groups a lot.  The more the merrier!

And push back to New Lenox we did cuz we were headed to Starbucks for coffee afterwards!  That Skinny Peppermint Mocha was calling my name!  Whoooop!  I was feeling very happy that Grandma Fritz was in town to watch my little ones.  “Grammie” Fritz not only LOVES her grandchildren to no end but also enjoys spending time with them.  So I always know when Grandma is in town it is no problem that I go for an early morning run.  When I saw the crew was headed to SB aftewards, I asked if she would mind if I stopped and she said “why would you even ask, of course I don’t mind!”.  Well, “Grammie”, I just apprecaite you watching my little man, and I know he isn’t “easy” so I just wanted to be courteous but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!  And I love you!

For Susan & I today, we had 10 miles in and managed to squeak under that 1:30 mark.  It was barely but we made it in 1:29:52.  So good to be feeling normal again.  I can’t wait to be fully back and running fast and hope that it translates to some fast times this spring and summer.  Now is the time to build a strong base, get strong and blow up those old PRs come spring.  Let’s DO IT!  Things should be fun right now while you are building strength so get out and enjoy this weather and the commaradarie of group running!

Cheers,                                                                                                                             Amanda – TooTallFritz

How Far Would You Go To Make It Happen?

I always give props to EVERYONE who makes it a priority to come out and run with the F’N Running Club on a Wednesday night.  I mean, it’s a “school” night, it’s not easy.  I know that it doesn’t fit into everyone’s schedule and am just pleased that people show up.  However, I really have to give it to my friend Kristina who drove all the way from St. John, IN to Frankfort (45 minutes in good traffic) to run with us F’N Runners tonight .  I would like to give Kristina the non-existent “Traveler” award for traveling the farthest, so far, to come run with us.  Thank you, Kristina!  Are you planning to take Kristina’s award from her?  We meet on WEDs at 5pm and usually early SAT and/or SUN morn!  Join us!

We had a great group tonight.  Some of our main players are injured or out-of-town but we had some new faces to replace them for today.  Dark Photo alert….sorry!    Top:  Maggie, Kristina, Michelle, Susan, Kathy, Jeni, Laura.  Bottom:  Kate & Diane

Before these lovely ladies arrived, I was able to squeak in a few miles in the DAYLIGHT.  That’s right, the Winter Solstice passed and Mother Nature is taking us back to Spring, one day at a time! 

Many of us like Old Plank Trail because it is close to home pretty flat.  Here is our only hill, which is an overpass for Rt 45.  It may not be much but still seems daunting when the legs are tired.

I know everything is dead and boring right now but it still looks beautiful to me!  Didn’t make it far before the sun was setting and I had to head back to meet up with those F’N Runners!

The goal for me tonight was to put in some easy, slow miles.  I have had a rough summer/fall and start to winter.  Some fitness has been lost but I am actually pain-free.  I am sore this week, which is unusual but good, right?  I have been busy this week focusing on both running and cross training.  Tomorrow is going to be a rest day cuz my legs feel like bricks, then FRI cross training/weights.  I know I will get stronger and really want to focus on that.  I am so tentatively happy to not be hurting that I’m just really scared the pain will return if I am not careful enjoying being out and on the run again.  So one day at a time, if the pain returns then I will have to pull back again.  I am just enjoying the soreness now and hoping it’s a sign of strength to come!

3 miles taking pics solo, 4 miles with the club & Kristina, 1 extra mile with my girlz Susan & Maggie, multiple stops, no watch pauses – Total = 8.03 miles -1:22:48.

Thanks to you F’N Runners for another great Wednesday Night Run.  Thanks again, Kristina for making the drive!

Happy Running,                                                                                                        Amanda -TooTallFritz

10 Degrees….

Ten degrees……the coldest it’s been so far in Illinois for the start of winter 2011-2012.  Wow, it was hard to get my ass out of bed  “up and out” this morn.  The thing that propelled me forward was actually the fact that I had the time, the kids and hubby were out of the house, and I really WANTED to go for a run…… regardless of the temps.  I would have gone had it been below zero.  Yes, I am  a freak weirdo like that.  It was also an added bonus to have a little accountability.  Although my running partners were quickly dropping like flies with the falling temps, there was still several who made an appearance.  Me, Suzanne, Kate, & Maggie – Run For Pi(e)

Today we were joining up with the Yankee Runners as they came south, out of  the Palos Hills, to run Old Plank for a change.  When I hit my usual parking area, which is quite desolate at this time of year, I was pleasantly surprised to see it was filled people…..not just people but RUNNERS!  I bet there were 25+ people out there for a run today!  AWESOME.  But I still was slightly tentative about leaving the warmth of my car.Wow, 10 degrees.  I can do it.  I have this new face mask….it will keep me warm!

There wasn’t any a lot of chatter or introductions, basically we just jumped out of our cars and took off running before we got frost-bitten.  However, I did see Judy F., Frogger, Mark C., Scott B., Cindy T. and a few other people I recognized from Running For Kicks functions or the Park Forest Running & Pancake Club.  Once we were moving, the photos blurred as the lens on my camera phone fogged.  But I still tried!

It was really beautiful out.  We had a dusting of snow, the sun was just coming up and did I mention it was 10 degrees?  The wind was low, we had a headwind going out but coming back in a full sweat I realized I was overdressed like always but it was just a beautiful day.  And as always, I was super glad I went out and got in a few miles with my friends.  On a random side note, I want to thank all of you who continue to come out and meet me to run.  It is sooooo much more fun trying to hang on to Suzanne & Kate’s coat-tails running in a group verses going solo.  Thank YOU!

“Run”way Fashion:  Reebok Compression base layer, long bra top, Athleta long sleeve lined with fleecy flannel which has thumb holes and fold overs for hands (they don’t make it anymore!), then I had a light running jacket on which is a generic off brand I’ve had for years.  On the bottom I had CW-X compression tights plus Athleta Run About Pants in TALL.  I was very bundled without too much bulk, everything fit close so that air didn’t get in to allow the sweat to freeze.  I also wore an ear band, hat, gloves and the new Seirus Innovation face mask (picked it up at Dick’s Sporting Goods last night but couldn’t seem to find it online to link it up here).  So I was really quite toasty after we got running!  You CAN run outside in the winter if you want dress appropriately.

10.03 miles – 1:34, a few stops for photos, a stop for fluids at the 4 mile mark, and a few road crossings but mostly kept it moving.  On days when its this cold, please keep moving so your sweat doesn’t freeze.  That would be bad for your skin.

Happy WINTER Running!                                                                                           Amanda – TooTallFritz

10 mile Wednesday…..

I have been really struggling getting miles in since my little man is attached to my hip really loves his momma.  So as of late, Wednesday night has become “Run Night” with Susan D. and whoever else is willing to brave the elements and/or can get out of work at a decent time.  This week, I not only managed to get out of work on time but a few minutes early and was able to grab a few miles in the fading daylight before the girls arrived.

I didn’t have as much time as I wanted to get in a leisurely 4 miles, plus photos, so I pushed a little harder than I would have liked in order to get back by 5pm.  Here are a few photos that I managed to grab in the fading daylight. 

I know everyone likes a nice sunset complete with power lines.

This is why a run…..quiet, peaceful and revitalizing.  The beauty around me when I am able to get to the trail is sometimes overwhelming.

The sunset was almost complete and the light was so low, it was difficult to get this last shot but after a couple tries I got lucky.  Now time to book it back to Frankfort to meet the ladies! 

Susan D. was waiting when I returned at 4:59 and it was pitch black.

We grabbed our knuckle lights/arm bands and awaited the arrival of Suzanne then literally dashed off into the darkness for the fastest nighttime run in which I have ever participated.  The ladies dragged me pushed my limits today between the darkness, the previous 4 miles ran and my overall state of health.  By the time we finished, I wanted to give my running shoes to the nearest homeless person take a long hot bath and curl up with my Weimaraner but alas I had to re-enter mommy-land reality.

Reality hit hard too as soon as I walked thru the door.  Michael screamed with delight and the screaming didn’t stop until well after when bedtime “should” have occurred.  Here is a quick glance into my reality…..no time for changing clothes or showering, which is why women’s running clothes are now somewhat fashionable cuz we LIVE in them.

That’s Michael, yes he is screaming, yes he is a blur……he doesn’t stop moving, not even when he sleeps.  Don’t turn your back, he will climb onto the counter and go straight for the knife rack.  Don’t use the oven because he will open it when you turn around to grab a plate.  Don’t go to the bathroom cuz he will pull a chair over to the sink and start spraying down the walls, kitchen, hall, and living room.  Don’t…..just DON’T TAKE YOUR EYES OFF OF HIM for a second or be prepared for the consequences.

The numbers:   4.03 miles in 37:15 minutes (9:13 pace) solo, multiple photo stops but pretty much kept moving because I didn’t have a lot of time.  6.13 miles with Suzanne & Susan, 57:28 minutes (9:21) pace, one decent stop at the turnaround to shed jackets, etc.    A total for me of 10.16 miles/1:34.43 and an average pace of 9:19.   I like to run 10 miles right at 1:30 so I know I’m not myself cuz this pace kicked my ass was a killer…..like I’m still wearing my compression calf sleeves today!  However, I really can’t complain for a Wednesday night.  Thanks, ladies! 

We did stop for one photo of Suzanne and I in the dark after the run.  The bathrooms were locked so we didn’t get any disgusting bathroom shots in good lightening….Yes, I look like a giant standing next to Suzanne!

It was about 40 degrees when I started running at 4:22pm, and it was 33 when I got back into my car at 6:15pm.  Not a huge drop but I could certainly tell the difference.  Gloves were a necessity last night.  The difference between 30 and 40 makes a big difference to your hands. 

How do you squeeze in weekly mileage?  Do you hit the gym, brave the elements or save the running for the weekends?

Happy Running,                                                                                                                 Amanda – TooTallFritz                                                                            amanda@tootallfritz.com

Drizzly Sunday Run

I managed to sneak out of the house this morning although nobody was really happy about it to meet up with the Frankfort Running Club.  I knew that I wanted to run at least 8 and it had been pouring rain + high winds during the night; however, we experienced a bit of a break this morning.  For me, it’s just best to get a run out of the way before the excuses start to accumulate early.   

I was very pleased to pull in and see lots of warm bodies people to keep me company.  Meet the Frankfort Running Club – Sunday Crew.   From left to right:  Susan, Dave, Diane, Angela, Don, Brian, Kate, Suzanne, Kelly, & Nicole.

We got lucky again with the weather, another 40 degree day.  We had a little drizzle too but certainly nothing like I would normally expect for November, just enough to screw up blur the photos.

We ran Old Plank Trail heading west.

The group members for today averaged between 6 and 8 miles at varying paces.  A very reasonable group for all types of runners.  I would strongly encourage even newer runners to have the guts give it a shot with this group because they are very diverse, not too INTENSE low key and really friendly.   Susan & Don here as they bailed called it at the six mile mark:

The seven mile group coming back at me with a quick bluring pace, plus the drizzle was starting to get serious at this point, run fast and get back to your cars!After this group passed me, I took a few more photos finished up.  I ran 8.06 miles in 1:19.18 with loads of stops for photos, road crossings and time to chat with those at the front and the back.  I never stop my watch while we are out there because I am too blonde would forget to restart it.  So  once we leave the initial parking lot, I just let it roll, the time isn’t too important to me anyhow.  I’m mostly out there for the experience. 

Great day.  Great run. 

“Run”way Fashion:  It was all about Athleta today unless we count my Hot Chocolate windbreaker.  Ironically, Athleta is also having a sale.  If you log onto their website and shop, use the HUGECYBER coupon code for 30% off thru Cyber Monday.  Today I was wearing the Hopkinton Top & the Reflective Workout Tight.


Happy Running,                                                                                                               Amanda – TooTallFritz

Step Outside the Box

As the sun sank from the sky last night, I was just arriving at the Grainery in Frankfort to meet up with friends for a run.  Fortunately, I was a few minutes early so was able to run around like an idiot and grab a few photos.  The first was looking west on Old Plank toward the Grainery  thru the power lines.

Then I ran east on the trail to grab a few photos within a short distance of the parking lot as the sunlight was fading. 

The life around the pond seems to be dying with the autumn.  I think winter is heading our way, like it or not.

I was really amazed at how differently everything looked in low light.  I normally run in the dark or as the sun is coming up and this was a nice change.  I look forward to comparing similar photos in the winter, spring and summer.   I must say one of my favorite things so far about blogging is that I am now making a better effort to document my surroundings by photographing some of the beautiful sites that I take for granted on a daily basis.  God is good.

At this point, the light was fading fast and I jogged back to await the arrival of a few Frankfort Running Club ladies.  Note to the earring wearing crowd, don’t wear french wires while running in low 30 degree temps……ears get cold from the inside out. 

Susan D. and Maggie W. soon arrived and I quickly ushered them into the bathroom light for a quick photo.

After the ladies so kindly obliged my abnoxious photo request, we ran off into the dark.  I just recovered from the stomach flu so the plan was to be short and slow.  I must say this was a perfect run.  I really enjoyed the added dynamic which Maggie brought and I hope that she comes back!  Work & life are crazy, the holidays are coming, then the flu and not that you care but it’s total pandemonium which is on Aby’s spelling list this week  at home with a male, second born, toddler/child in the house.  Chaos reigns.  This run was a great stress reliever that was much-needed and I was thankful to have been along for the “ride”.  In all aspects it was easy, fun, brought about a new friendship and was filled with conversation about living life, making goals, accountability, future endeavors and stepping outside the box of your personal comfort zone.  

I challenge you to try something new……join a running group, train for a triathlon, hike the Grand Canyon, learn to snow ski, register for a road race, just pick something different and MAKE IT HAPPEN.  Muster the confidence to attempt something that a younger, more immature you would have never had the guts courage to try.  Time is of the essence.  Where do you plan to go next?  

Nike+ GPS Stats – 3.96 miles – 36:46 (9:18 pace)                                                                 Garmin GPS Stats – 4.00 miles – 36:46 (9:09 pace) 

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Step outside of “your” box……soon,                                                                                Amanda – TooTallFritz                                                                                 amanda@tootallfritz.com