Week 1 Recap – Spring Bootie Buster Challenge

Shortly after the close of the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge by Amanda at RunToTheFinish, I joined on for the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge.  For fun.  For accountability.


The challenge started last Monday, March 4th.  If you want in, I believe she is still accepting registrations HERE.  The rules are simple.  Eat your fruits & veggies (AKA – “freggies” – 7 to 9 servings per day), Drink your water (64 oz per day), and move your body in some way shape or form. We get one point for the freggies, one for the water and 1 point for every 10 minutes of exercise, which is why you have seen entries for stretching & pushups on DailyMile so that nobody can call me a cheater.

So how did my week stack up?  Even though it was a light run week because I was gone for the weekend thru Monday, I did okay.  We’ll just start with Tuesday since I don’t think spiced jelly beans count as a “freggie” was traveling. 

Freggie Examples, each item = 1 point:


  • TUE – 10 freggies, 100 oz H2O, 36 minute run, 10 minutes pushups/stretching & 10 minutes of snow shoveling.  Points = 7.6
  • WED – 10 freggies, 80 oz H2O, 39 min run (a.m. – treadmill), 10 minutes pushups/stretching & 42 minute run ( p.m. – trail).  Points = 12.1
  • THUR – 11 Freggies, 80 oz H2O, & 10 minutes pushups/stretching.  Points = 3
  • FRI – 9 freggies, 88 oz H2O, 37 minute run, & 10 minutes pushups/stretching.  Points = 6.7
  • SAT – Sick – 5 freggies (no points), 48 oz H2O (no points), no workouts (no points).
  • SUN – 10 freggies, 72 oz H2O, & 146 minute run.  Points = 16.6

This gives me a March 4th weekly total of 46 points.  I certainly won’t win anything with this number but I like the idea of keeping on track, forcing down the freggies, and chugging the water.  I’m not sure if I’ll recap every week but I wanted to give you an idea of what some of us are doing to “bust” our booties for spring.  Feel free to register now, if you haven’t already, or play along on your own if you like! 

** Be Accountable ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Winner – 13.1 Chicago


A winner has been drawn for the ever popular Allstate Life Insurance 13.1 Chicago Half Marathon on June 8, 2013.  The winning entry was #27.


And #27 was Nicole Zemaitis. 


Congrats, Nicole!  Email me at amanda@tootallfritz.com so that we can get you registered!

As for everyone else, there are a few other bloggers giving away entries.  I posted them on my facebook page last week but will link them up below so that you can go enter those giveaways as well.  And of course, if you don’t win, I still hope to see you out there.  You can register for the race HERE.  The current cost to register is $80 thru Friday, March 15th, then the price goes up to $85.

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Keeping Things Fresh…

I’m pretty simple and could do the same thing just about every day.  However, my body goes into a holding pattern and if I have any desire to change the way my body functions, then I have to change my diet activities.  Okay, both diet and activities.  Once I put on a few pounds, they don’t want to leave.  Like never.  I fully admit that it’s part laziness where I just want to run, not eat like an herbivore unless they also love jelly beans!!!, not give up alcohol and basically do whatever I want but on the other hand, I also have time restraints which have nothing to do with my overeating.

So I’ve been trying to change things up, keep my workouts fresh, force my metabolism to MOVE without adding too much additional time to my workouts.  I think it’s been positive thus far.  If you follow me on DailyMile, Facebook or Twitter then you may have seen me tag things “Operation Lose 8lbs”.  That 8 lbs is the bit of weight I put on during last summer’s injury and a “little” extra that I’ve picked up over the last 2 to 3 months.  Good times.  So I’m serious now and I need fast results so that I won’t have to carry the extra 8lbs through the Lansing Marathon.  I mean really, 8lbs over the course of 26.2 miles is a lot and I only have 44 more days so there’s no time to waste. 

First thing I added was push-ups.  I have a love/hate relationship with anything strength related.  I’m weak.  I have a weak core.  I start a routine and its always dropped within a couple week regardless of my good intentions.


So 50 pushups every day.  The first two days, I was super sore but things are starting to get better and I already notice my core firming up a bit which is my weakest area and where I gain weight first so I’m happy.

I’ve also added in random StairMaster workouts.  I did 2 last week.  Duration of 30 to 40 minutes each depending on my available time slot.  Old pic but same machine!   The StairMaster really helps me lose!

I’ve split my workouts so that I can get in something, even a short something, a couple times a day.   Trying to get the metabolism moving and then moving AGAIN before it totally goes to sleep.  This may mean a short run and a short Stairmaster workout  or possibly two runs like yesterday.   I’d like to think this snowy run on Old Plank Trail burned a few extra calories last night!

Snow OPT_black white_3-6-13

I’m also stretching.  One to two times daily.  Not because I think it will burn “extra” but because I know I need it.  Oh, and I’m chugging water, eating my fruits and veggies, focusing on lean proteins and trying my hardest to avoid processed sugar and NOT overeat.  Not overeating is the hardest part. 

So I’m focused.  I’ve lost 3 lbs.  I have 5 more that need to hit the road.  44 days.  That’s 0.11 lbs per day.  I’d like to think I can manage that but only time will tell.

Where is your weak spot?  Overeating, eating junk, or not hitting the gym? 

** Operation Lose 8lbs ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Rough Winter…..

The last three months have been even more difficult than what “normal” life brings on a daily basis.  So many of my friends, acquaintances and even my own family has suffered the loss of very beloved family members, young and old alike.  I’ve been to more funerals/wakes/memorials in the last 3 months than I have in the last 3 years. These things tend to be cyclical.  We grieve and mourn together so we can comfort one another.  It’s not fun but we are all in the same place and have an unspoken understanding of how difficult it is for one another.  So many tears, so much sadness, so much pain.

Yesterday when the snow started falling, it was almost a relief.  I was thankful to see the blanket of white cover the entire area.  I was hopeful that the cold, blowing snow would somehow cover and maybe even numb our sadness.

Snow_me_Jan 2009

I have hopes that as the snow melts, it will wash away at least some of the pain, refresh us and leave us with the happy memories of those we have lost. 

I know that spring is near.  I can feel it.  As a springtime baby, I am in tune with the birds chirping, the geese flying overhead, the coyotes running and I know those spring flowers are just waiting.  They are awaiting the perfect time to signal rebirth and renewal.

Millenium Park__3-27-12

At times like this, I’m thankful to be a runner.  Yes, my dogs ate my training plan  (they ate my Run Less Run Faster book, wish I were joking but I’m not) but that doesn’t mean that I am lost.  I now run to run.  I run for peace.  I run for solace.  I run to remain focused so that sadness doesn’t overwhelm me. 

I also find it ironic that for the first time ever, I signed up for a spring marathon.  I’ve never had the desire to run one in the years past.  I’ve never had the desire to battle what winter brings and still find a way to run long miles.  I’ve never had the desire to enter flip flop season without toenails.  For whatever reason, I did this year.  And I’m thankful.  Focusing on the miles, just enough miles to “finish it”, will get me thru all of this.  It gives me focus when I need it most. 

God Only Gives_Badass

Thanks to my hubby for posting the above random pic on my FB wall.  Source unknown. 

Keep running, in whatever capacity you can manage.  The winter, with whatever it has brought you, will come to an end soon.  Let this last snow, cover and numb your woes.  I personally will focus on happy memories and new beginnings with those who continue to stand beside me.  I will NOT take those who remain for granted as I mourn those who are now at peace.  I will focus on life, happiness, and love.  Most importantly, I will focus on me and remember to love myself otherwise I will be empty and unable to lift up others when they are in need. 

** Wishing You Peace & Happiness ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Allstate Life Insurance 13.1 Chicago Race Entry Giveaway….






The Allstate Life Insurance Chicago 13.1 Marathon will once again take to the South Shore of Chicago on June 8, 2013.  Although this is a newer race in Chicagoland, it is a good one!  The 13.1 race series is known for putting together great races with a few extras, gender specific race shirts, unique locations and a crowd pleasing after party.  For what they offer, the event is still priced reasonably with the current registration fee of $80.  Possibly the best part of the Chicago event is the unique location.  This is one of the few races held south of Jackson Park.  Runners start and finish at the South Shore Cultural Center, loop thru Jackson Park, then take to the lakefront for amazing views of both Lake Michigan and the city of Chicago.


I’ve wanted to run this event for multiple years but it hasn’t worked out for a variety of reasons.  I had planned to be out of town this year as well but I’m thinking we had an abrupt change of plans over the last couple weeks so I’m going to try to squeeze this in and I hope to see lots of friendly faces.

If you would like to be entered for a free entry, please comment below.  For an additional chance to win, go like 13.1 Marathon on Facebook HERE and leave a separate comment stating that you did so (and include your facebook name for verification purposes).

Good luck!  I will draw one winner via a random number generator on Monday, March 11th at 9am.  Two entries possible per person. 

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

Pro Compression Trainer Low Socks Winner


Pro Compression _logo

I’m still wearing the awesome Pro Compression Trainer Low socks and am happy to be able to share them with someone else!   Over the last couple of weeks, since I first tried the Trainer Low socks, I’ve accumulated quite a few.  I now have 4 pair of the white, 4 pair of the purple and 2 pair of the pink.  Today, I am sporting the pink trainer low’s while I live life, work, sit at my desk and commute back and forth to the city.  At least my feet are happy, even if it’s snowing AGAIN.

Pro Compression Trainer Lows_pink

I was asked by several people in last week’s comments about these socks.  They are slightly thicker than the Pro Compression Marathon (tall) socks.  The foot bed, particularly the grey area, has a bit of padding that makes them softer.  They have a cushioned feel that my Marathon socks do not possess.  In fact, when I put the Marathon socks on with my trainers, I need to adjust the laces because they are thinner than my normal running sock.  However, I don’t have to make adjustments when I wear the Trainer Low socks.  Although they do not feel thick, they are thicker than the Marathon socks.  This is good in my world but I wanted to point it out for those of you who asked since I know we all have different preferences. 

NOW  …… The winner of a free pack of Pro Compression Trainer Low socks is #69, SeeMommyRace!



Congrats, Melanie!  Please email me at amanda@tootallfritz.com with your color/size preference and your mailing address. You can reference the size chart below to get the proper fit.


The rest of us can use the $5 off & free shipping discount code to purchase more of the Trainer Low socks.  The $5 discount brings each 2 pack of the Trainer Low’s to $20.  The code is:  TTF   Shop HERE.

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz **

It’s A Lottery….


Many have been waiting for well over a week to find out how the Chicago Marathon would fill the remaining 15,000 slots for the 2013 race.  The press release yesterday revealed their decision to do a lottery for the remaining spots.  Please read the statement verbatim below:

Since suspending registration, we have been working on the best possible solution to offer the remaining 15,000 entries for the 2013 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. We have determined that on Tuesday, March 5, registration will reopen as a lottery. While this is a departure from our traditional registration process, we believe it is the most fair and efficient way to address this unique situation.

For more lottery details and Q&A, go to: www.chicagomarathon.com/lottery.

Interested runners can enter the lottery at chicagomarathon.com starting on Tuesday, March 5, at 12:01 a.m. CST until Thursday, March 7, at 9 p.m. CST. From those entries, 15,000 names will be randomly selected to fill the remaining spots in the 2013 Chicago Marathon. Those individuals will be notified on Tuesday, March 12, and they will have until 9 p.m. CST on Thursday, March 14, to complete their official registration.

We realize the impact these registration challenges have had on our supporters and we are grateful for everyone’s continued understanding.

As a local, multi-year finisher of the Chicago Marathon, I am saddened by this news.  The entire city of Chicago and the local running community stands behind the Chicago Marathon and each year looks forward to this mammoth event.  Although, many runners may feel as if they have outgrown the race and look for smaller, less iconic events, there is no doubt the Chicago Marathon has become a tradition for many of us.

Many runners go back year after year, despite the crowds, despite the cost.  We plan not only our running schedule but our lives around this race.  We do it for a variety of reasons.   Many do it to run, train, race & bond with our local running community.  Others do it to challenge themselves.  Some just want to be part of something iconic.  Others want to be able to take to the streets just one day a year with the elites who vie for the big money, notoriety and the chance to prove they are the best.  For many, to just be on the same streets with these amazing athletes is an honor for which we do not take for granted.  For the reasons above and many more, an inordinate amount of people, if they were able, were sitting at their computers at noon on February 19th ready to register for the 2013 Chicago Marathon. 

We were all nervous.  Fresh in our memory was the Naperville Marathon fiasco, which despite the initial poor decisions by race directors and all the negative publicity, ended up selling out in one day.   There was no doubt that if we wanted to run Chicago, then we needed to register immediately.  And we tried.  I knew that people who had jobs without computer access or those who were sitting in the hospital with a loved one, or those possibly helping at their child’s school at noon on the 19th had a high likelihood of getting shutout.  I was definitely feeling the anxiety not only for myself but also the others who I knew would never get registered before it filled.  Then the inevitable happened, registration opened and the entire registration system (via Active.com) immediately collapsed, locked up, allowing only intermittent, random registrations to trickle thru.  To be honest, I didn’t know if I had even gotten in or not.  I  never did get thru all the registration screens despite hundreds of attempts.  There was so much uncertainly and I just didn’t know.  I discussed the Registration Nightmare HERE.

After 9 days of waiting, the announcement was made that the remaining slots will be filled via a lottery system.  More uncertainty and waiting for those who want to run but have yet to garner a spot.  Even charity runners will be thrown into the lottery.  Those charity runners who get selected in the lottery will go about business as usual.  The charity runners who don’t get selected will quickly soak up the charity’s post-close slots.  As I understand it, each charity has a specific amount of spots which they are able to offer after the registration process is closed.   They normally use the spots for NEW runners, who have not ran for them previously.  Its a way for them to raise additional charity monies by being able to offer up a registration for a closed race and basically get someone to run for charity who possibly wouldn’t do so otherwise.  It’s a a win-win.  Runner gets into a closed race.  Charity is able to raise additional funds via the “new” charity runner.  For this reason, the charities prefer us alumni runners to register while the race is still open so that we don’t soak up those “extra” positions.  

What does all this mean?  If you want to run, enter the lottery.  If you REALLY want to run, start looking over the charity list HERE.  There will be fewer charity spots open this year than in previous years.  It is inevitable that some of the runners who have already committed to running for a charity will not get in thru the lottery; therefore, they will get first chance at the post-close charity slots.  If you contact the charity now and commit, then you’ll be “on the list” for the first slots available after the close.

If a particular charity doesn’t call to you, join me in running for Ronald McDonald House Charities, we would love to have you!  More info HERE.



Good luck to all of you who are still looking to register.  I hope you get in via the lottery.  I know you’re anxious.  I’m anxious for you!  I’m also anxious to see how registration changes for future Chicago Marathon events.  I anticipate the lottery system will be a permanent fixture for Chicago and we will all be vying for coveted lottery slots in the years to come.  I don’t look forward to that.  It makes me sad because I really do love running the Chicago Marathon.  I love being able to drive in, park on race morning, run the race and then drive back home to my family without any having to hassle with travel plans, hotels or unknown cities.  Therefore, I’m planning to enjoy this year as if it’s my last because it very well may be the last time I get “in” to run the Chicago Marathon.

** Happy Running ** Amanda – TooTallFritz